Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Day

Friday sunset

This isn't really what this post is about.
But, then maybe it is in some respects.
I've had the desire to just go away.
Probably by car though.


Today was a day of remembering, celebrating and visiting with family.
Today was another funeral.

Maybe another funeral is part of the desire to escape.

My sister and I arrived early enough to visit the grave sites of our parents.
As we drove to them we noticed an unusual sight.
A coyote lounging in the sun among the grave markers.

Is that really...??? 

Yep, it is.
We have never seen this before during any of our many visits to the cemetery.

Then...wait...we spy another one.
Then a third.

When we speak to the groundskeeper, we learn that recent building nearby have displaced these creatures.  We learn that there are about 3 or 4 living among the deceased.

They seemed not to care at all about the many visitors moving among them.
But, we did see a warning sign later!

The service was beautiful.
Grandchildren reading the words of others.
Children sharing their own written words.
All were remembering and celebrating a life very well lived.

The following chant (not attributed to anyone) really touched me.
It was read by one of the grandchildren, who started with the first phrase. The group read along in an every other fashion.
There is something very powerful and connecting about choral reading.

We Need One Another
We need one another when we mourn
And would be comforted
We need one another when we are in trouble
And crave help
Or when we are in the deep waters of temptation
And a strong hand might pull us out

We need one another when we would accomplish
Some great purpose and cannot do this alone

We need one another in our defeats
When with encouragement we might strive again

And in the hours of success, when we look for 
Someone to share our bliss

And we need one another when we come to die
And would have gentle hands prepare us for the journey

All our lives we are in need
And others are in need of us

All our lives we are in need, and are in need of us
We best live when we bring to others
Our understanding and solace

Today was also the day to share these two treasures with my cousin.
They once belonged to my favorite aunt, his mother.
I've had them since she passed away.
I was seven at the time.

Tonight I took the time to write him an email that held the story of their meaning to me.
He doesn't have many of her personal belongings.
We talked about that once.

So, today it was time to share.

I love the marking on the top.

After treating myself to a little Chinese food tonight, 
I read these two fortunes that summed up the day.

Lend a hand to one less fortunate than yourself.
You are eager to share yourself and your possessions.
As always, I am grateful for your friendship on the journey.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


Debbie said...

Beautiful words, and so true, we all do need one another

deanna7trees said...

a beautiful post.

Nancy said...

Debbie~ Yes we do. Thanks for stopping by the trail :)

Deanna~ Thank you.

AKW said...

Funny, I was moved to post about that same poem. I have it sitting right here. Hope you don't mind! Nice sharing too.

Nancy said...

Amy~ Nah, why would I mind?! I will look forward to reading Your words :)

saskia said...

such a beautiful, peaceful post; yes, we do need one another, thankfully we do

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Thank you...and so glad we have one another.

handstories said...

lovely. sharing and needing, two very important things. & love the perfume bottle being shared- and all the memories I'm sure it holds.

Peggy said...

The poem is very moving -- I will print it out just to have. I can see that it could be read on many occasions where people come together. It sort of reminds me of the one you put up for the Jewish Day of Remembering -- I'm sure that's not what it's really called. ;) But that one, my women's group read out loud for an Ancestral Ritual and we all teared up. Thank you, Nancy. And what was the sign from the coyotes later in the day? Seeing any kind of wildlife is a gift, just too bad they've been displaced. Same problem here. xo

Nancy said...

Cindy~ Yes two good words. Maybe there is room on your words cloth for them! I have loved that bottle for many years :)

Peggy~ It moved me too, as does the other one. A women's group sounds like a nice thing. I'm not sure what the coyotes message was...but they are one of 'my' animals...a deep connection. i wish they did not have to be displaced.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Ah, yes, such a thoughtful and peaceful post about life. Thank you.
best, nadia

Cathie said...

Oh Nancy this was such a lovely tribute to life and death - and those who mourn us and need us.
Beautiful. Really.

Nancy said...

Nadia~ Peaceful is good.

Cathie~ Thank you so much. And those we morn and need too. I was at your place when you were here! I love when that happens :)

Marti said...

Honoring, remembering, words, connecting, scents: Nancy, I'm back after two months in CA and once again the sharing that you do here goes right to the heart. My mother passed over 30 years ago and for many years, I had her Evening of Paris bottle on my night stand. Faint wisps of scent and the cobalt blue bottle comforted when nothing else seemed to.

Nancy said...

Marti~ Thank you for kind words here. I have a the empty bottle of "L'HEURE BLEUE" (Blue Hour) bath oil by Guerlain, which I bought for my mama when I was 11 or 12. It was a very heartfelt purchase.

ACey said...

hi Nancy - I'm starting to find my 'sea legs' here online and have started to read backwards through your posts. Coyote encounters are always thrilling to me. This post made me think of Loren Eiseley's poem Coyote Country. Do you know it? Over the years I've posted it a few times on my blog. Maybe it's a ripe moment to do so again.

Nancy said...

ACey~ I am honored that you've been stopping by the trail! Yes, do post the poem again! Until then, is this it?