Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some Folks #1


Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013

She walks, socks wrapped with duct tape, everyday.
Yes, everyday she appears on one of two corners of a suburban intersection.
Asphalt bordered by buildings and an empty field.  Intersected by fast moving vehicles. 
She carries red flowers in her backpack.

Her skin darkened by sun, her face pocked by lifestyle.
She walks.  She dances to something heard through over sized headphones.  She dances to the sounds in her head.
Jazz poses bring her to a full stop, frozen on the ground in the handicap curb-cut.  
She sits on the empty cement steps to an unopened building.  She sits on the bus bench, going nowhere.  Sometimes alone.  More often with others who frequent this corner.

Sometimes she sits, head down and silent.  Sometimes her head, thrown back in laughter.
But always going nowhere.

She moves through her day, her mornings and evenings, wrapped in layers of cloth.  Layers of her life. 

Each day she is there, walking...sitting, 
alone and with others 
her stocking feet wrapped in duct tape and flowers in her backpack.
~NAE July 16, 2013

*Inspired in part by the amazing People of the Street series by Lynda over at iWonder


saskia said...

hi Nancy, woweeee what a story, what a woman; we rely on duct tape for all sorts as well, but have never considered it's possible use as footwear

Nancy said...

She is something! Duct tape to the rescue :)

Velma Bolyard said...

very much like!

AKW said...

That is just beautiful. What a visual and an opportunity for gratitude.

Nancy said...

Velma~ Very much thank you!

Amy~ Thank you, I'm glad you could see the visual I created.

deanna7trees said...

i used to imagine that being me...don't know why but it was always on my mind. and Skye has always made shoes with duct tape and garbage bags. you said it perfectly.

Nancy said...

Deanna~ That Skye sure is clever :) You imagined yourself on the streets? Or dancing? Or? Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

wonderful description of an interesting soul. (moon's slippers are duct taped together & now mine need it too.)

Peggy said...

Nancy, this resonates. I see a woman walking our part of the city on a regular basis. Always with a tote bag on her shoulder. And shoes, she wears shoes. Your writing will help me think and wonder about her in a different way, I think. About her beauty. Thank you. xo

Lynda Merry said...

I love your people stories. I just wish there weren't so many to tell...

Nancy said...

Cindy~ Duct tape does work wonders! Thank you.

Peggy~ Thank you for your comment. I have been observing her since December, but have not seen her since posting this. This fact makes me wonder.

yvette said...

thesevwords dance!

I' still not blogging nace
I try to keep up with Jude and Grace and see you there but wanted to give a hug here!

Nancy said...

Yvette...thanks, I've been thinking about you so it is a pleasure to see you here!

Nancy said...

Lynda~ Yes, too many :(