Saturday, July 13, 2013

Seeing the Fullness

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013

What do you see?
An empty basket?
Maybe you see the light and shadows.
Maybe you see the weave or the wooden handles.

I see how a life can be full, even when it appears empty.
I see some balance...some yin-yang.

I see conversation and a friendship in the moment.

Those of you who know me have been reading my recent posts and comments 
about letting go of 'stuff'. 
Today I made a trade instead.
Someone really wanted a small zippered pouch I had 
and I knew I could find a use for a basket.

So, we traded.

But, I believe what we got was so much more.
For our conversation in the mid-day sun touched 
on many shared ideas, values and philosophies.
We found many commonalities.
We found a friendly feelings in those moments.

Isn't it amazing when you randomly meet someone like that?
When you meet someone and connect?

When I look at this basket, I'll remember this day.
That's nice.


Ms. said...

Nice to connect. In my experience those kind of serendipitous encounters are two people whose vibrations remind them of having met before. That at home feeling always cues me into thought of when i felt that comfortable before. These recognitions usually come along when I'm ready to accept that part of myself back into my current life.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ "serendipitous" is the word I used when pre-writing this post in my head :)
I've been thinking about your viewpoint of these moments happening "when I'm ready to accept that part of myself back into my current life." This is interesting to me. I'm thinking...

deanna7trees said...

a wonderful trade that created a cherished memory.

AKW said...

Looking for the fullness is an important transition. Practicing gratitude for small,yet powerful moments is a practice. Gratitude for a new friendship, a momentary connection, a useful basket and the gift of passing along s small zippered-pouch that becomes a new treasure...

Sandi Meegan said...

I couldnt agree more. The gifting I did while decluttering, made connections I will be ever grateful for. Love the basket btw. Sandi

Nancy said...

Deanna~ Yep :)

Amy~ Gratitude...moments...a way to live.

Sandi~ Yes! Look how we've connected :) I've used some of the fabric you sent and the indigo is going nuts - growing like crazy! Thank you again.

jenclair said...

An excellent trade! I love that you have a special memory with the basket.

Peggy said...

I'd say the basket's pretty full. This is a gem of a post, lady. xoxo

Nancy said...

Jenclair~ Yes, a good trade :)

Peggy~ Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

a whole new approach to things! how nice... how to let them go and how to acquire them (with friends, in the process?) -- it really could be a lifetime in the learning (for me anyway!)

Nancy said...

Dee~ I'm lovin' the letting go part and this time the acquiring! There's much to learn, yes?!

Anonymous said...

the two of you wove a story!

Nancy said...

Cindy~ Yes :)