Sunday, April 7, 2013

Before and After #1

This is one of the ideas I had to possibly do for Everyday April.
But I really don't know if I could think of a Before & After for Every day of the month.
That's a lot!
Instead I decided to do Everyday Me!  It's sort of a continuation of my birthday post.  Little nothings about me.  Most not blog worthy (boring or personal), but instead little notes to my children.  I do a lot of that.

Then I thought I'd make a 'page' of the Before & Afters.  But do readers really go to the pages up there?
I don't look at my own pages very often and have taken some of them down.
So, no, I think I will just post them right on the main blog and number them.  
That will work.

This is the first one.


I picked these two petals up as I went out the door on my way to work.
They lay just outside my front door, dappled in the morning sunlight.
I love the smooth feel and sweet scent of rose petals.
I caressed them as I drove.
I remember now, as I type this, a friend who had over 100 rose bushes surrounding her home.
Holding it in Perfumed Beauty.
When I parked at work I held them up for a photo shoot.
Trying to see if the sun would make them transparent as it does cloth.
Thinking of light & dark...line & shadow...
as we've been doing in the What If? class.
Enjoying a moment.
Finding beauty as has been recently discussed at Grace's and elsewhere.
I lay them, side by side, gently on the passenger seat.  Then I went into work.
I wondered what will they look like when I return on breaks or my lunch?
I wonder if I will open my car door to a flower shop smell of roses?

This is what I returned to 9 hours later.
Inside my hot car...
Dry, wrinkled...yet color so intense.  So vibrant.

So, it seems that this has been a lesson in embracing the beauty where you find it, 
where it lay.

I particularly like how the wrinkles in my hand flow with the wrinkles in the petals.
These are the details that make up a life.
Make up my life.

As my usual style, I'm not sure where I'm going with this Before & After idea.
Related ideas so far are pretty typical.
Raw food ingredients...cooked/prepared meal
raw cloth...sewn something.

Oh yes and I thought I could have done dirty bookcase...clean bookcase!! Ha!

None of those ideas feel as poetic and message filled as my two little rose petals!
But we'll see.
No hurry.  No rules.
Just exploring.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


Ms. said...

Roses retain their scent (not the cultivated flower shop ones--but the real ones off the bushes( for years you know. I always have a basket full of fallen petals. And I hung my birthday roses upside down in January, and now they are a bouquet in a vase without water, almost as pink as they were then.

Marti said...

Before and after, then and now... For me, the after of the rose petals is the one that has the most beauty: the dried, wrinkled leaves, the wrinkles on hands; an ongoing story of life as it goes. There is a wisdom here that is a fine story and I'm thinking of things well used...

saskia said...

oh I love the before/after, please continue and those rose petals I could almost feel and smell them, mmmmmmm

Nancy said...

Michelle~ My friend of over 100 rose bushes used to hang-to-dry too.

Marti~ Yes, well used :) Ongoing story of life.

Saskia~ I will continue as I think of Before and After ideas!

jenclair said...

I'm always a sucker for before and after pictures!

Nancy said...

Ya, me too Jenclair. Remember those supposed weight loss before & after pictures in the backs of magazines?! Ha!

deanna7trees said...

the wrinkled are my favorite...maybe because it happens with age and acquires wisdom along with the wrinkles.

Nancy said...

Me too Deanna! I love a good set of wrinkles :)

Anonymous said...

i too like the pairing of wrinkled rose and lined fingers... please keep going! this idea is juicy.

Nancy said...

Dee~ Juicy!! that made me smile :)