Monday, April 22, 2013

Before & After #3

Before & After #3: Story in cloth


Fabric is true White-White, bad lighting gives the yellowed tint.

This is the white fabric I mentioned.  
I found it neatly put away in a Zip-lock bag, the remnants of an earlier project with young children.  I have no recall of what that project was, nor do I recall what medium was used to paint the smaller squares.  Therefore, I have no idea what will happen to it when I wash it.
However, I could care less!

So, this white and lightly colored fabric (cotton) became an experience in just doing.  Maybe not as much What Ifing as just going!
There were 4 white blocks and a stack of small white with color applied squares.

Work with what you have Nancy.
Don't over-think it...just stitch.


First sewn block.  Small colored one centered on larger White one.
Glue stitch, a square and an X.

Second white block sewn.  A 9 patch.

I merely cut up the smaller squares to create the 9 patch.  
I did not look at placement according to color.  I just randomly pinned them down.
No over-thinking = no stress!

Third block visits the desert!  I finished this one on our road trip.
One little square, 5 smaller squares.  Again, cut & randomly placed.
No worries about the coloration and how one square fades into another.
Just sewn.

Doesn't it blend nicely with the desert sunset?!

While waiting for the night sky, I had some fun with these three blocks.  Pinned together, they hung against the twilight sky.  They shone in the dark.  They waved in the breeze.

The next day, while visiting the Santa Ysabel General Store, I spied an amazing spool (10.5 yards) of velvet trim.  I had to have it!

There were several color choices, which were all appealing, but I chose the dusty green.  It looks more grayish in the pictures, but it's green.  It came on a beautiful wooden spool that smells like cedar!!

I was not sure what I'd do with it, but I kept the spirit of no plan-going in mind.

By the next day, block number 4 was complete.
4 smaller squares, spaced out and stitched.

Again, no color planning.
I didn't even look too carefully at the spacing.
Just pinned and sewed.

Can you see the California Yucca plant to the left of the cloth, right under my arm?
They were blooming and expired like crazy...all over the place!


I cut and placed 4 snippets of the velvet trim in the middle of each smaller square.
No big meaning, just wanted to use it.
4 little dusty green rectangles.

I had wanted the stitches to hold it on to hide, by using a matching color of floss, but I didn't have one with me.  Then I thought of using an earthy color.
But...when I picked up a needle to use, it had a bit of magenta-pink on it.
It looked so nice against the green.  So spring-like.

As I stitched with it on the drive home, we passed a wildflower that was the perfect match for this pink!!  How's that for confirmation of choice?!  Ha!

I wasn't too sure if I liked the look of the trim once sewn.
It is so much darker and heavier.
But in the spirit of random doing, I'm leaving it.
I'm even adding some to the other 3 blocks.

That's the all the plans I have so far: Sew on trim.
I don't know what I will do with the 4 blocks past that.

No over-thinking allowed.
Place, pin & stitch!

That's enough.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


deanna7trees said...

lovely. i enjoyed the telling as much as the seeing.

Ms. said...

plenty enough and the setting seems perfect for the pieces.

Nancy said...

Thanks Deanna! I seem to write it like I'm reporting the many facts! ha

Michelle~ I had no idea when I started how the desert would play into this! They Do seem made for each other!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nancy. That softly colored fabric against the white is lovely and you caught it perfectly with the desert. This is quite an adventure! I enjoyed your telling of the story.
best, nadia

saskia said...

oh wow Nancy, this was a great journey!! love how you have just gone ahead and 'done it'
I especially like the pic with the 3 in the twilight, a cloth totempole

Nancy said...

Nadia~ It has been an adventure so far! I looked at the blocks today...but they didn't tell me anything, so I worked on something else :)

Saskia~ Thanks :)
Just doing it felt good!

Peggy said...

This is wonderful how you went with the flow. I love your pieces -- and they do match the environment and that's really so very cool. Yay. xo

Nancy said...

Peggy~ That matching was a happy surprise :)

saskia said...

hi Nancy, can't find your email address anywhere, mine is

btw forgot to mention how much i like the velvet trim.

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful with the desert sand AND the desert sky.

the contrast middles? why not go with it? what's the harm? sometimes that's the way to Bigger Liking, to wade through "gee I'm not sure"...

Nancy said...

Saskia~ The trim is magic :)

Dee~ Yes...the sand! In some places it was as soft as silk :)
I spent some time looking at it today on my lunch break...and we're getting to know one another!