Saturday, March 23, 2013

White at Work

As most of you know, I've begun a new class with the wonderful Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth.  It is titled "What If?" and looks to be a promising exploration of...well, of everything!  I've been following Jude for years now and although I never stitch even half of the ideas in my head, or really much at all...her blog/classes/style/words/stories..well, just her period, she has enriched my life to no end.  I thank her for that.
Anyway this class began with "White".  As soon as I read/listened/viewed her first ideas around white, I began to notice it everywhere.  At first just the color itself, not any deeper meaning as to what White can symbolize.
So this first post is a collection of White photos from the environment around work.
I hope to be back very soon with cloth White and deeper White, but we'll see!
   This is where I often park.  I hang out in my car to eat lunch, talk to my friend                                                       or stitch on the Mexican Gathering Blanket.

I have noticed the play of shadows against the white wall.

These photos are near another place I typically park (much more shade here!)
 I began to wonder how this area would look altered to White...

 So, I played around with the before and after of photo manipulation.

Then another day, on my daily walk at lunch time, I noticed White in the natural world...
I noticed most of the White did not stand alone, other matter how slight entered the composition.  Spring has been a great time to be out and about looking for White in nature.  Additionally there were the man-made Whites that are always there...

The rocks made me think of Jude's recent patchwork snow where the earth showed through the white snow.  Here in the land of Sun it is white rocks and earth!  This fell right in with one of my original thoughts of White...what if things that are normally not represented in White, were?

So, I changed the color on a couple more photos to see the world through a white view-finder!

A pine cone in the parking lot appears ghostly!

I've always considered this handmade camera case White...until now!  Of course it is darker with wear :)  I love the way the light plays in these pictures and the contrast of White against the Mexican Gathering Blanket.

Last we have part of my lunch Matzo!  Here is another item that appeared more white before this focus began!  But, again...I can change that!  I see those light filled hole, slits really and I think 'weave it!'  No time to sew my food though this time around.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


Cathie said...

Isn't it interesting, Nancy, removing the color from photos? How they morph into something totally different. I was amazed, when I started looking at things in the natural world that I considered "white" - they aren't really "white" at all - but very slight shades of blues, pinks, grays, that appear to be white at the very least. I am looking at the world with different eyes!

Ms. said...

THERE you are!

After playing with the color white all day, after the amazing meteor streaked by, Friday finished with my remembering what happens to white paint on garden chairs left out over many winters.

deanna7trees said...

i find it so interesting that most colors fade with time...that is, they get lighter, but white has only one place to go with time and that is darker...unless, of course, it just disappears by disintegrating.

Nancy said...

Cathie~ Yes I noticed that true white...all alone is hard to find. Thanks for the comment and stopping by pomegranate trail!

Michelle~ I've sure got White VS Colors on the brain! Loved all your whites the other day :)

Deanna~ Exactly!

saskia said...

those shadows are beautiful, and I love the light shining thru your cracker;-)
isn't it just a wonderful class and what a teacher Jude is for helping us look at our world with different eyes, sharing beyond what I thought was possible

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Yes the shadows really jumped out at me!