Sunday, March 31, 2013

What If? ~ White

So here are two of the three ideas for this first What If?
I pulled out white fabrics, but wasn't feeling it.
I fooled around with photos...making them go all white and all.
You can go back in the posts if you want to see that stuff.

Anyway, this was the first idea that came to I wanted to stitch.  
I'm trying real hard to DO something this time in Jude's class.  
Usually I read, watch, listen...and stitch very little.

I've still stitched Very Little!  These two small cloths have just enough stitch to hold the sun & moon on.  We'll see where they go from here.
 I have a third idea that I hope to get to soon.
My time is extremely limited these days.

The first one is the sun on the left.  Something Jude said very early on sparked the idea.
What if I makes something that is Very Typically one color...and instead I make it White?
So we get: What if the Sky was Yellow and the Sun was White?

The second one, the moon goes like this:
What if the Night Sky was White and the Moon was Filled with Stars?

The white is an old pillow case that once belonged to my great aunt.
And, yes Jude is absolutely right in the fact that they are very hard to sew through.
But it is the White I had, so I muscled through!!!

One of her recent posts included the idea of how we hang on to things, honor them to excess...never using them for fear of ruining them.
I can see myself in this idea.
After I make the third idea in this set, I plan to use cloth which I keep on an honoring-treasuring-memory filled pedestal!

Enough is enough!

Lastly, today is the last day of March and I did indeed clean out/up by having at least one thing leave my house every day!  I've recorded all of it on my calendar.
I will continue to clean out...but not record it any more.
I've loved the feelings of getting rid of ~ letting go!
So good, so freeing.

To recap:
January 2013- Wrote a Small Stone everyday.
February 2013: Was sick almost every day.  Yep, I'm counting that as my monthly did it!!
March 2013: At least one thing leaves the house every day.
April 2013...

PS I forgot to add this book idea...remembered through asking What If?
If you can read a!  It is filled with imagination and colorful delight!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


Ms. said...

Hey girl==I know-April for a gardener means SPRING action!!! Dirty, and exhausting, especially if it's real commerce, and for someone who wants value for their cash///and we aren't getting younger, just wiser. I learned to take shortcuts and work smart--still I couldn't hack a serious job for clients. The church garden gives little and expects little so I can manage another year at least.

As to what-iffing--well, not being a stitcher--I'm really not-threading a needle is the first obstacle, so I thread a bunch to start-I just started something, and every day or two made a mark, tacked something into place, attached one thing to another. I'm pretty good blue-skying ideas, lousy when it comes to just doing it. But since you are on a one thin a day out the door mission, well, how about ten stitches a day just for the heck of it, and no hard judgement along the way...using the 'precious' cloth things might go well if you see them as 'framed' now---maybe--like one at a time in a portal (on a sandwich of cloth)--just a thought. Also--remember--we have NINE months...we can make lots of little things that may or may not go together into only one thing in the end....the end is just when we stop and move on to yet another thing, No exams, No client deadline, just meditative play.

Be sure to drink at least one eight ounce glass or cup (cold or hot) of Water with a packet of EMERGEN-C (AVAILABLE IN BOXES OF 30 AT MOST SUPERMARKETS) in it a day! I mix up one in a 24oz Poland spring water plastic bottle when I'm on the go--take it with me and refill next day. ALSO. take a 15 minute hot soak (no matter the temperature outside)-with 2drops lavendar and just one drop of Eucalyptus-if you can get oils-DO IT AT NIGHT to clear and release before sleep. Do these two things and you WILL feel better. You can't take care of others unless you are cared for!

saskia said...

Hi Nancy: I LOVE your two pieces! so funny and witty, I'm smiling;-)
and I'm so glad you're in the class even if you don't do a lot of sewing, you talk a lot of sense! plus you make me laugh, which is probably even better!!
take care as Michelle says, and I think she IS a wise one.

jude said...

do you know cloudy with a chance of meatballs?

Penny Berens said...

Actually using and cutting those honoured and pedestalled bits and pieces...that's hard!

deanna7trees said...

like your reversals of the ordinary. i always wonder if we each see the colors the same way...

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Well, my style of 'gardening' is more about taking photos and enjoying what grows with very little work! Ha! I don't have time, knowledge or energy to work at it...but I DO notice and embrace with love :)
My sister is a big EMERGEN-C fan, I'm usually affected by my asthma, which knocks me out. Feeling good recently though!! Yay. Love to you to my friend.

Saskia~ Glad to make you smile and laugh...and yes Michelle has much wisdom to share.

Jude~ Yes, I do (hadn't thought of it though). I remember when that book came out, so clever.
Do you know the book "The King Who Reigned (Rained)"?

Penny~ Well, we'll's next on my list :)

Deanna~ Mmmmm...Now I wonder too!

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at "Cloudland" today.
Your switching of colors is good, thinking of when that experiement of trying to read the names of colors when tney are printed in different colors (i.e. blue is written in yellow) and how confusing that is.

Peggy said...

Nancy, this post and your sun and moon cloths are wonderful, ALL! Love your what-iffing and I sort of did something similar, in an unconscious kind of way. ;) Your monthly commitments are great and will watch for April's. And hey, girlfriend, Happy Birthday! Tomorrow, right? xoxo

Nancy said...

Cindy~ I'm not familiar with Cloudland. Tell me more :)
Oh yes that is confusing. Or how about the ones where you can totally read something that is written without all of the letters in each word.

Peggy~ Thank you! And yes, tomorrow is my amazing that you remember! My post is almost done, so look for the 5 Things Game again :)

Peggy said...

Hi Nancy, Happy Birthday again. There's a coincidence going here -- my son, Bo, was born 4/2/80 -- and it somehow stuck from last year so I remembered! Have a fun day. We're celebrating this weekend. xo

Nancy said...

Peggy~ A-Ha!! So that is how you remembered :) Have fun celebrating this weekend.

blandina said...

Great idea the switching of color, I love both pieces, so clever!

Nancy said...

Blandina~ ...ya, What If, eh?!!