Sunday, March 17, 2013

So Many Books, So Little Time

I've not been an interesting blogger lately.
Too sick.
Too tired.
Too not home.
Too busy trying to get stuff done.

However, that does not mean I have not drafted many posts in my head.  
I have.
I've designed them, strung words together, chosen photos and decided on videos.

And then I've mostly done none of it.
And I really want to.  Really.
I have so many things I want to say and/or share.

Of course, I've been cleaning out in the Big March Clean Up/Out!
Last weekend I did the big bookcase.  This involved removing each book to dust.  It involved wood polishing and making decisions about what would stay and what could go.  More stayed, obviously.
I found doubles of books and I found many I wanted to read or reread.
And I just really wish I had more time for all I want to do.

Getting de-cluttered and clean up is important to me.
I can't think with all of this and I really, really, really
want to be able to focus on the new What If? class with Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth!
She is starting with 'white'...which can certainly represent a blank slate.

I will have to put on blinders to focus on anything in the upheaval going on during the spring cleaning!
I will have to keep my resolve to create with the busy days of a work/commute life.

But, for now, look at the beautiful bookcase!
Many of the books belonged to or were given to me by my mom (or both, hence the doubles!)
Does anything here catch your fancy too?

That is it for today.
I'm glad to post this (one week later).
I'm glad to accomplish something productive.
Now to go in search of white...

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


deanna7trees said...

i was sitting on the sofa just this afternoon looking at the two bookcases facing me that are almost ceiling to floor trying to decide which shelves i should start with...and that's just 2 of many bookcases. i am determined to get all the books sitting on tables and on the floor find their places on a shelf. everytime Skye (little girl next door) comes over she asks me if i really read all those books...and i did. i can hardly believe it myself. as the years go by, i find it easier and easier to part with old books that i know i will never look at again. not as sentimental anymore. sounds like you're making progress.

Ms. said...

Oh my--I've got books sans bookcases, cases full of books, and boxes of books stacked in the (Oh No) closet I haven't looked at in over a decade. My friend is getting ready to leave a long established house in one place for a smaller townhouse in another. She's giving away furniture and all her meaningful books have already been pared down and packed. When I think of that, I think....I could do it if I was relocating, and with the aid of some burly helpers. It's physically daunting when your seventy with bad knees and a tricky spine, living alone in a third floor walk up. It's not only time consuming, but very physical work!! So they sit. Someday I'm gonna chose fifty and phone the 4th street bookseller/buyer to just come and get all the rest for any price or none, and that's a fact. Meanwhile, I'm reading your titles, but when I enlarge them I have to lose you and then check back in to see the next picture. So back and forth many times. Lots I recognize, lots I just couldn't read....but "The Good Earth" and "The postman Always Rings Twice" in the first (and clearest) shot made me think it was MY bookshelf! My advice (unasked for) is only keep the hardbacks that are in great condition and that you will read again, and the reference books that relate to what you do (I have two boxes of gardening books for goodness sake, but only look at the three or four not in boxes. And keep just what has true $ value (which requires research) and the truly sentimental few which don't. Then tell family, friends and neighbors to come get what they want and send the rest to the thrift. Meanwhile, bravo for your labors and resolve. Shall I mail you some white cotton? I still have quite a bit.

Penny Berens said...

A treasure trove of books. I tried to de-clutter my wonderful books this winter but every one I picked up I decided I still loved. Nothing ended up being given away but lots of renewed friendships among them!
And I'm SO tempted to join "What if" but have so much on at the moment... perhaps later.
Take care.

Nancy said...

Deanna~ I have most certainly have Not read these all, but I there are many I really want to. So, they stay, for now! I'm not quite as sentimental as I've been in the past...but still very much so :) I'm mailing some books off to my daughter.

Michelle~ I laughed when I read 'that's a fact'!!! Those 2 titles (among MANY others) belonged to my mother and/or birth-father. I just read The Good Earth recently.

Penny~ Ahhh...friends they are, beloved friends. I have some more even better friends in the bedroom bookcase, nightstand, floor at the side of the bed! Oh my!

Peggy said...

Oh I liked this post, Nancy. Your shelves are wonderful, I see some familiar titles. Like you and the others here, I have a hard time parting with my books. But it's so nice to go through one shelf at a time and take each book in hand, blow the dust off, or vacuum if it's really bad, and then just hold it for a few seconds and decide. This is such good work. You're really feeding your soul under the pretense of organizing, I think!? ;) xoxo

Nancy said...

Peggy~ Thanks :) Isn't it fun to explore what others read? I've gotten so many good titles that way.
"You're really feeding your soul under the pretense of organizing, ..." I think you may be right. I have so many dear old friends on that shelf!
BTW~ the shelf was my parents, which the top part (with the doors) held their TV, back in the day when Tv's were that small :)

AKW said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, are some of them coming back here? :-)

Nancy said...

Amy~ Are there particular titles you're thinking of??

saskia said...

I could not imagine a life without books!! Just when I thought I wasn't going to try and read them all (ha ha) I go off and buy a stack of Big Ones.....and I'm reading the bible with a group of friends, ah well, never enough time, but we keep on going

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Funny, my sister once said that she couldn't understand how people could not have one book in their house! i had never thought of that, but now recall her comment often. We have books in every room of the house!