Sunday, March 24, 2013


Listening to music is always a joy for me.
Today, while sewing a sun, I listened to some old tunes inspired in part by Saskia's recent posts involving 9 patch music and screaming in the car.  The later inspired me to dig out some of my mom's old records while searching for the artist Dory Previn.

This led me to You Tube with a fistful of names to search and listen to.  This all makes me really wish I still had a turntable.  I could get lost in favorite music from my days gone by.

Below are the albums that inspired and afternoon of listening pleasure.
All of them belonged to my mom, but I don't have any strong memories of listening to them back then.  I remember all of the theater albums, hence my love of musicals.  I remember the folk songs, embedding themselves into my core.  I remember the music of the current times (Joni Mitchell, Peter, Paul and Mary and so on).
Dory Previn was among those 1970's singer songwriters I listened to.
But the others I don't really recall.
However, I do feel a very deep connection to this music.
Not explainable, just there.

What music to you deeply connect to?
Who turned you on to it?
Who did you share it with?
*I'll share the sun when I get a bit farther along with it.
Have a nice week...filled with song!
Starting Top Right: Marian Anderson 'Spirituals', Odetta 'Sings Folk Songs', Dory Previn 'On My Way to Where?, Barbara Dane 'Trouble in Mind', Leadbelly 'Rock Island Line', and Mahalia Jackson 'The World's Greatest Gospel Singer'

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2013


saskia said...

well I never imagined screaming in the car would lead me to music/artisits I had never heard of;-) thanks Nancy, I'm looking forward to hearing new voices in my life, after work I'll check in this evening and start listening....

Marti said...

Joan Baez, Judy Collins,Joni Mitchell and anything and everything from Motown, especially my beloved Temptations. Then along came Carlos Santana and I was there a more get in your blood and dance piece of music than Black Magic Woman...! I grew up listening to Flamenco and Carlos Montoya guitar rifts, (my parents came from Spain.)

These days, what makes me get up and dance is still The Temptations, anything with a salsa rhythm and Irish jigs. I may be Spanish but Ireland is the landscape of my heart and my alter ego is that of a Flamenco Irish Jig dancing woman...

Nancy said...

Saskia~ Enjoy your after work listening! Let me know what touches you :)

Marti~ YES! All of the J's - Joan, Judy, as well as Joni! And Motown...absolutely! My very first concert was at the Greek Theater, The Four Tops and Smokey Robinson & The Miracles! My parents took my sister and COOL is that!!?? I can remember some guys behind us yelling "SHOP AROUND" over and over and over trying to get them to perform it. Then they got everyone around them to shout with them (we were all sitting way in the back). We all yelled and yelled and Finally...they started the intro. Then they got to "My mama told me, you better shop around." BAM song over. Everyone was so disappointed. Lots of "Awww's" & "Oh Man's" were screamed into the night. I thought it was a rude way to treat the fans. A first lesson in reality! I was 12 years old.
Thanks for bringing up this old favorite memory :)

deanna7trees said...

i have a turntable but haven't used it in many years. remembering anxiously awaiting for the newest album to come out so i could play it over and over again. i'm more taken with going deep into silence these days.

Nancy said...

Deanna~ Yes, over and over and over...
And remember reading every printed word on the cover and liner :)

Peggy said...

Sewing a sun. Sounds wonderful! xo

Nancy said...

Peggy~ ...yes, wonderful :)
I'm slowly adding the little pointy triangles. I'm so slow.