Monday, May 22, 2017

Small Stone #7 and Huell's Passing

 Small Stone #7

Lights alive and moving, red, white, green and some yellow.  People out and moving, surprised at how many.  Information streams into my car cocoon, coasting along.  All at once I hear a familiar name.  Tuning in...a report of the death of a beloved public personality.  Shock.  Sadness.  Traffic flows.  Tears flow.

January 7, 2013

I met Huell Howser once, very briefly...just long enough for a photograph.  It is a memory I treasure.  I was so sad to hear of his passing tonight on my way home.  You can read of his passing here.
If you are not familiar with him or his work, there is much you can explore here on the web.  He was a very special person.  That's enough for me tonight.


Anonymous said...

looks like he was a special guy -- asking questions with "an open heart and open mind" is not small thing!

Nancy said...

Dee~ Huell was the best!