Thursday, January 17, 2013

Small Stone #17

Small Stone #17:

"An anonymous voice out of the darkness, car radio.  Announcement of the 19 year anniversary of a local earthquake.  Nineteen years have past since the quake and twenty since another earth shaking event took place.  The time since...the 20 years, is longer than the totality of the life event itself.  The time past him is now longer than the time with him.   Why does this surprise me?"

January 17, 2013


Anonymous said...

maybe because the time with him was more than the time w/o him at that time? just guessing.

Nancy said...

Cindy~ The time with him was important in many ways...and during my young adult years. Things form during those years.

Peggy said...

That it came up for you at the same time of the announcement about the earthquake is telling. I honor you for writing this, Nancy. All of your small stones have been lovely to read. Do you ever edit yourself, or is this how it comes out of you? I'm becoming more and more interested in doing something like this in a stream of consciousness kind of way. Is it like that for you? xo

Nancy said...

Peggy~ I have always equated one event with the other as the earthquake took place on the one year anniversary. I edit as I write, but not much after I get it down on 'paper'. I think you should give it a try, you always have so much to communicate...your art, photos, words, information...all the pieces I know to be you from your blog. This is all good. A new creative expression will be wonderful. If you wish to share, I'd love to read! :)

Pearl said...

Nicely put.

Nancy said...

Pearl~ Thank you stopping by and commenting :)