Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Winter Lights & Gifts

The past few weeks have been filled with light and goodness.
I was fortunate to spend Hanukkah with my family, where 3 lit menorahs symbolized the coming together of far-flung family members.  Where these family members shared food, laughter and gifts.

I completed this Christmas stocking for a young man, newly married to a gal I have known since she was a young girl.  I made her stocking 14 years ago and was happy to make one for him as well.   I still had some of the fabric I used on hers, so it was easy to make special connections for the two of them.  He is a firefighter...can you tell?!!  Haha
Each stocking is unique, individualized to the particular person.  Even when they share certain fabrics etc. ... they are one of a kind!  Her stocking has a snowperson too (but no fire hat!!)  and her footwear is pointe shoes, instead of the mini-stocking, as she is a dancer.  Little differences, yet connections...while still unique!
One of the stockings I made back then has hockey sticks because the young boy it was created for loved hockey!
He now plays on a pro team!
If you are interested you can read about him here.
There is a link to a video interview as well.   This all amazes me since I haven't seen him since he was in grade school!
Plus, I just found out that one of his classmates plays for the New England Patriots!
Shane Vereen...the two Shanes, playing on the school blacktop of after-school childcare!!

Sorry, I digress...but, this has been fun news for me to learn recently!

Back in the 1990's I made many many of these folk-art looking stockings.  All specialized, all lovingly & deeply, thoughtfully created for that One particular person.  There are over 100 of them floating around the United States, helping to bring joy on Christmas morning! 
If I can find my photo book, I'll post a few more stocking pictures soon :)
These days, I usually only make for repeat customers.  But I do have several stocking bodies cut out and ready to go.  
Email me if you are interested in learning more.


Last week started of with gifts and celebration!
My dear friend sent me two Mary Oliver books.  I will treasure them not only for my love of Mary Oliver's work, but for the deep friendship they stand for.  I recently turned her on to Mary Oliver's poetry, which it seems she likes as well!  Ha!
Thank you Judy!
My dear elder family friend sent us a fruit gift basket, with a 'golden pear'.  What a surprise this was.  I have never received a food basket in the mail!  
It's from Harry & David.
Thank you Helen!

I also received a package of fabric treats from Sandy over at Discovery Cloth, thanks to Jude's alert sharing her give-away.  Silks and velvets...Yummy!
Thank you so much Sandy!

The last 'gift' in the photo is the corner of my new name badge for my new job!
this gift comes with a lot of hard work and deep appreciation.  

As I move through my days, with all of the bounty coming forth, I will continue to notice nature...and patterns...and light.

I will embrace family and friends and new opportunities.  I will relax and soften into 'change'.

I will touch cloth and books and healthy fruity foods...and loved ones.

I will keep an open heart and open eyes.

I will remember, but I will not dwell.

I will walk with gusto, with reflection...with energy and with patience...and with gratitude through my days.

For whatever season it is, be it natural or our own personal season...
growth happens, things shift.  There is darkness and there is light.  
Embracing it it all...appreciating it all...this is a way to move forward.

I am ready for 2013 and all that it may bring.

Random sunflowers out back.

I wish these same things for each of you. 
May the new year bring you many blessings, large and small, important and touching...and everything that you need right now.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


deanna7trees said...

how wonderful that you were able to spend the holidays with family. good luck with your new job and wishing you and your family joy and peace in the new year.

saskia said...

wishing you all the best for 2013 Nancy! good luck with the new job and all the other great things you do!!

Introverted Art said...

So happy you were able to spend Chanukah with your family :) I love seeing the Menorahs all lit up like that.

Nancy said...

Deanna~ Thank you so very much :)

Saskia~ Thank you...and you too...wishes for a wonderful year!

Introverted Art~ Yes, family is important. I love the candle light too. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

jenclair said...

Love the symbolism of the 3 menorahs and the uniting of the far-flung family members! The snowman with the fire hat is perfect for a fireman and the fabric that connects him to his new wife is delightful.
Isn't it funny to see what happens to students like the hockey players--a wonderful thing to see what has become of boys who played as children and have made the pros!

Blessings to you for the New Year, Nancy!

Nancy said...

Jenclair~ Thank you for all of your kind comments through the year! I hope 2013 brings much happiness to you and your family :)