Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good Stuff in the Sunday Morning

Just about every day something interesting comes my way, through my email in box and the posts of friends or family on Face Book.  Some days it is like a stack of presents, which leave me learning, energized and happy to live in this age of shared information through technology.  Some days I feel a sense of overwhelm that just about suffocates me.  There is too much information, too many people...just too much, which makes my eyes burn and drains what feels like my last braincell.  On those days even the great places and people I usually embrace are too much and I shut it all down.
That was not the case today.  
This morning was filled up with goodness! 
First there was an interview with a favorite poet (quite possibly my all time favorite poet) Mary Oliver.  I listened to her soothing voice on the car radio as she spoke and recited a poem from her new book.  Each sentence said felt quotable...made sense...touched me in some way.  Reading her poems in the NPR post instantly adds her book to my library book list.  And reminds me I need to read her work more often.  I need to read more of her work period.

Next I came across a post on my Face Book feed by one of my favorite writing web sites, Writing Our Way Home.  The husband~wife team always share mindful writing and living practices.  Today's post also shared quotes from a book that catches my eye.   
Acorns Among the Grass looks like a book I would enjoy and so, 
I also add it to my library list. 

Then my guy turns on the news, CNN.  I am not really listening, I am taking care of some important matters.  But the excitement in the newscaster's voice draws my attention.  I lift my eyes to see skydiver Felix Baumgartner free-falling through space from 128,100 feet.  I can not help but get excited with them!  Amazingly enough, he lands on his feet, doing a little jog, before kneeling to embrace earth once again.  Wow!

What a Sunday morning!
I think I shall go sit in the warm breeze, listen to the crows and hawks 
and embrace my 'Earth' cloth for a little while.
I hope you enjoy the rest of your day too.

*NOTE: Thanks to Deanna for quickly finding the Felix Baumgarten link and saving me the searching time involved in sharing this.

UPDATE: Then came this one:
Filled with butterflies and links to a wonderful project.  There is still time to be involved!


deanna7trees said...

i was glued to the tv screen watching Felix's grand adventure. it brought back memories of the first space adventures. i breathed a sigh of relief when his feet touched the ground. can't imagine how his mom was feeling...

Jacky said...

Sounds like a wonderful Sunday morning! I *must* read more Mary Oliver too. How lucky to hear her interview.

About to go and check out some of the links you have posted.

I'm imagining you wrapped in your "Earth Cloth".

Jacky xox

Nancy said...

Deanna~ Me too! It was thrilling :)

Jacky~ Have fun with the links. I found this one too:
Butterflies are all around!

Ms. said...

So much lovely--I posted from that Mary Oliver collection--how I love her--and didn't watch Felix live but did this morning via EarthSky and posted it at facebook...Now to check out the butterfly effect......whhhhhhheeeeeeee

Leslie said...

Oh, I love Mary Oliver. A new book! I'm going right over to Writing Our Way Home and looking for video of Felix's free fall. Your Sunday has spread into my Monday. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

you describe techno-overwhelm so well! I was piecing a quilt while listening to the BBC report on the Baumgarten fall on Sunday, when they still weren't sure if he'd broken the sound barrier... then to hear he had. Very exciting. But later, when I learned that 8 million people watched it live, I kind of felt like I'd missed something.

Nancy said...

Michelle~ Yes, I left you a comment :)

Leslie~ Mary Oliver has a lot to say :) Have a good Monday too!

Dee~ That is the comment of our times...never wanting to 'miss' anything - because we no longer have to! Everything is at our fingertips (literally!)

Nat Palaskas said...

I enjoy reading your post. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend Sunday. Each day when I read my FB, I thanks everyone for sharing the textiles world with me. I can't take it all in, but do appreciate each and everyone of my FB friends - Hugs Nat

Nancy said...

Nat~ I agree, there is a whole world in interesting things out there! And yes, too much at times!

handstories said...

watching that long long fall was amazing, something i've always wished to do (though not that far!). i have found myself slowing way down in response to information overload lately. but that was grand.

Nancy said...

Cindy~ Yes - that was quite a long fall! It looks thrilling, but so scary! It must be the season of overload :)

jenclair said...

Poetry is a comfort. It always amazes and touches me that some people can put the world into words that say what the rest of us can only feel, but not express.

Off to check the great links, Nancy!

Nancy said...

Jenclair~ Yes, I am always amazed at how it can be done with so few words! Enjoy the links :)

Peggy said...

Nancy, I feel the same sometimes, you described it just right. But it's just so much fun to experience the magic of new things, I can never stay away for too long.

Have never heard Mary Oliver's voice I don't think, but she is one of the few poets I get....The fall was awesome, I literally knelt in front of the TV to watch it. Will check out your links, thank you for more goodies! xo

Nancy said...

Peggy~ Obviously, I can't either :)
I have watched Mary Oliver videos on You Tube a long time past. You may enjoy that!

Morna C-M said...

I agree -Mary Oliver is a gift to the rest of us! I'll have to go look for the NPR show. xo

Nancy said...

Morna~ Yes, a gift. Thank goodness for gifts :)

helen said...

I agree totally about the overload Nancy.
Without the internet, I would probably never have come across Mary Oliver, and she is my favourite poet too. I am slowly collecting her books.

Thank you for sharing such a lovely Sunday....oh! and I loved your Earth story cloth...looking forward to seeing more.
Love to you. x x

Nancy said...

Helen~ I think we all know overload these days, but I, like Peggy, think what I see/learn is so cool that I don't stay away too long!
I keep checking out MO books from the library. I always leave s few unread, so the next time I check it out some works will be 'new' to me :)
Glad you liked "Earth", reminds me I should pick it up again. It's been resting.