Friday, July 13, 2012

The Sweet Life

A short Sunday drive to the Bennett's Honey Farm.
We're greeted by warm air, blue skies and colorful flowers.
We've come to do some honey tasting!

We pump a taste onto the plastic spoon.
Over and over, discussing favorites as we go.
In the end I like the sage and orange best.
He liked the orange best.

We check out the working hive. 
Behind this hive is the tunnel to the outside world, encased in wood.

Everywhere we turn there is a honey bee product!
I didn't even photograph all of the candles, soaps, honey pots and stirrers...etc.
We did pick out a 'sage' honey bear!  I love those, they're so cute!
We also got little honey sticks for the grandsons & neighbors.  Yummy!

The mad looking bee wall decor!

A feast for the bees! 

A beautiful day to step out!

This post is dedicated to Peggy who keeps bees and has been on my mind and in my heart these last days.  If you haven't read her blog yet, head on over and prepare to be touched, informed, delighted and inspired!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012


jenclair said...

One year I had a cracked terra cotta pot that I turned upside down in the garden; I liked the shape even if it was no longer usable for its original purpose. One day, I noticed bees swarming around it, and I realized they must be using it for a hive. It actually was a hive shape when turned upside down. Eventually, something happened and the pot was turned over. Inside was a lovely honeycomb. I hated to lose the "hive" but was enchanted with the product.

saskia said...

aren't bees amazing! bet you had a lovely visit.

Nancy said...

Jennclair~ Ha! What a great story! We had a huge hive in our backyard once.

Saskia~ They really are. I don't react mildly to stings, so I have to be really careful though!

deanna7trees said...

bee hives have always been a fascination for me, seeing the honeycombs created. i use honey exclusively in my tea and just love it.

Peggy said...

Nancy, thank you for this. You are so nice. I loved your honeybee outing, I'm going to look for a honey tasting in the Denver area -- have never really compared honey flavors, I always just buy clover for some reason. Much love to you. xo

Nancy said...

Deanna~ I'm actually not a huge fan of the taste of honey! But, I do like the 'sage' more than usual :)

Peggy~ You are most welcome. It's just the truth :) Some of the flavors tasted very different! Much love to you too :)

Deb G said...

Oh what a fun trip to make! So far my favorite is our local "wildflower," or fireweed. There is an amazing difference in flavors to me. :)

handstories said...

i thought of Peggy as soon as i saw this. what a fun outing. it also reminded me of the great fun i had w/2nd grade a couple of years ago studying bees.

Nancy said...

Deb~ It was fun! I was surprised by the difference in the flavors.

Cindy~ There was a honey house similar to this one near me when my kids were young. It was fun to take them there and they still remember the 'honey sticks'!!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nancy. Now if you could taste my orange flower honey, the queen of honeys. loved the foot!
best, nadia

Nancy said...

Nadia~ Sounds yummy! I liked that foot too, was wishing it was planted on that day! Haha...that really is putting your foot down!