Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring's Arrival: Story Time and Hummingbirds

Book: Play With Me  
By: Marie Hall Ets
Copyright: 1955

 Spring is here!  
Well, it feels like it, for the most part.  I hope you've enjoyed this book.  
My mom read this to me and my sister when we were growing up.  I've read it to my own children and the many children in my classrooms over the years.
As a child, it always left me pondering.  Could that really be true?  Could you be friends with the wild animals if you were quiet enough, if you really listened?  
I wanted to be that little girl!
Today was a very rainy Sunday.  As I sat and watched 6 or more humming birds came to the feeder.  They seemed to not care one bit about the pouring rain!  Paying close attention, I'm beginning to tell some of them apart.  They're earning names for themselves.  Most of them look very similar.  There is a tiny one with a spot on her throat.  We've decided that the little ones are females.  This may or may not be true, as I don't really know how to tell the genders apart.  Maybe it's a leftover childhood thing, something like cats are girls and dogs are boys.  When you are young and naive, anything is possible!
There is one hummingbird that is far more colorful, a yellow-golden color.  She's fast and kind of a bully, she chases all of the others away from the feeder!  But, she is oh so beautiful.  Her name is Goldie (of course), but she has other color related nicknames as well.  They drink the homemade food like crazy.  They race back and forth between the feeder and the camellia bush next store, where they feed some more or sit for a moment.
They have become more comfortable around me, so when I water the Mama Rose - they fly right above my head.  I laugh and duck a bit, thinking the are the fastest whirligigs ever!!!
Standing in the driveway is like standing on the runway at LAX!!!

I tried to snap a photo through the window and the rain, but they are so fast and my shutter speed is not able to keep up!  Here is one of the better pictures.  The rest they look like grey-black blurry blobs.  They were flying up under the porch eves a lot (maybe because of the rain) and they look like ghosts against the white paint. So nondescript.

See the camellia bush next door?

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2012

By the way, the Mama Rose has at least one teeny-tiny bud.  It's about the size of a pencil tip!  It is lush with leaves and promise.  I am so grateful to be able to see it outside my window.
Lastly, here is a related book by wonderful children's book author Jan Brett.  It also speaks of a child's love, desire and impact on the animals in the wild.


deanna7trees said...

i saw the first hummingbird of the season just the other day feeding on the red salvia. love watching them.

Jeannie said...

I loved the video. It could have been my autobiography of me as a child. I too name the birds and critters who visit. Spring is such a renewal of hope. Wishing you a wonderful week full of nature's miracles.

handstories said...

i have this book checked out of the library right now! i saw it in a waiting room recently, along w/an old favorite "ferdinand the bull". remembering last summer when a got to see a hummingbird sitting still, and so glad for your bud.

Nancy said...

Deanna- I looked up salvia and discover it is the genus for the species of sage. I didn't know that, but I've been planning on getting some sage for my planting area under the apricot tree. I love the smell of sage!

Jeannie- I'm glad you liked the video, we had fun figuring it out and filming it :)

Cindy- Oh I'm so glad you are enjoying it and Ferdinand is a great one too. Here is a link if anyone wants it:
Thank you for appreciating my baby bud. I saw another one tonight!

Robyn A said...

One really nice thing to know is what your voice sounds like; I was a children's librarian and then a school librarian in an elementary school (had to retire early because of fibromyalgia) and one of the things I miss most is reading to the children. Especially the kindergarten group who were so warm and affectionate and were quite happy to just give you a hug if they liked the story. Thanks a lot, Nancy, for that and the hummingbirds. I have never seen them but I just know they would be like little flying jewels.

jenclair said...

I miss reading to children, but the visits from the grandchildren give me opportunities. Lovely book, lovely voice.

Nancy said...

Robyn- Oh If I had the degree, I'd be a children's librarian :)
I'm sorry that you had to retire early. The humming birds are great. I have a good photo of our Goldie Girl to post!

Jenclair- Yes, I like reading to a grandchild too. Mine are so far off though. I love reading to a group of young children too. I really enjoy doing group times!

Mo'a said...

How wonderful to hear you voice. I love the book...the illustrations are so pleasing.
You just gave me an idea of how I can read for my Grandchildren who live in Denmark...I live on the east coast of the US. Thank you.
I will be putting the hummingbird feeders out soon. I love it when they hover in front of my face saying thank you for the sweet nectar. Mo'a

Nancy said...

Mo'a- Thank you for the kind comment on my voice. As usual for most, I think, I don't like the sound of my own voice, but with my guy's cheering I went ahead anyway!!!
As far as you reading to your grandchildren, check out these grandparents:

While working on mine, I ran across their videos and fell in love! I love how Grandpa fully participates, how they don't have a super firm plan and glance at each other as if to say, "no you read this line"
They are so sweet. For mine, I wanted the book's words with the illustrations to be the focus, even though I hope my grandkids listen to this :)
Good luck. Email if you have any questions.

deanna7trees said...

I just came back and listened to your story. loved hearing your voice and as you read, i remembered the story. i meant to come back before this but just forgot. that was so nice.

Nancy said...

Deanna- Yes, it's nice to get to hear one another. I'm glad you remembered the story.