Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nature Involved

Tonight I spent way to long looking at these temporary works of art.
First there is danmala where Kathy Klein creates exquisite mandalas with flowers and other natural materials.  
She is also on FaceBook, which is where I saw her first (Quiet Nature, again!)
I noticed that so many of the photos include a cat.  One quite Was looking cat and others as well, along with a few dogs too.

That led me to some wonderful sand art by Andres Amador.  I believe I've seen his work before, hopefully I didn't already post it here!  Even so, it's nice to be reminded.
I enjoyed the video posted on his September 28, 2011 post. 
Amazing to see him at work, watching him think it through.

Hope you enjoy them too.


jenclair said...

Thanks, Nancy! The mandalas and the sand art are almost beyond description!

deanna7trees said...

love the mandalas.

handstories said...

thanks again for sharing...the mandalas remind me of kaleidoscope views. i've done this sort of thing w/kids and stones, flowers, pinecones- whatever we could find. of course, nothing so elaborate! & did you read the sand artist's description of quilting stitches? it's always fun to hear an "outsider's" interpretation of something.

Nancy said...

Jenclair- I agree!

Deanna- Me too :)

Cindy- I did this once with co-workers at the beach...during an inservice day yet!! Yes I did pick up on the description, thought much the same thing...funny to look from the 'other' side!

woman with wings said...

Love these both -- I started making little mandalas with flowers a few years ago -- nothing like these!!, but just my own very simple ones. Hey we should all make them this summer! On a full moon. Yes!

And the sand paintings, wow. There is so much beauty out there...

Thanks, Nancy -- xo

Nancy said...

Peggy- Summer solstice mandala celebration? :)

woman with wings said...

Yes! Great idea. Let's do it! xoxo

Nancy said...

OK Peggy let's!!! I'm looking around my yard thinking...Mmmm...what could I use? Haha

Mo Crow said...

Oh I love the idea of making a flower mandala for the solstice, a worldwide gathering of petals & thank you, The danmala art site is so inspiring !
Love this mandala of sticks, pods & bones by Shona Wilson "Heirloom" at the Love Lace show
it's still on here in Sydney til April 2013

Nancy said...

Mo- OK then! Hopefully one of us will remember this conversation!