Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KONY 2012

                                         If you haven't seen this yet, you may be interested.  I haven't had time to do very deep research, so if you learn something related, please share.


Jacque said...

Nancy ~ Ashley has been involved with Invisible Children for the past three years through her school. Invisible Children came in and gave a powerful presentation her freshman year. Ashley's all-girls school has been passionately supporting them ever since. This new campaign is very powerful, we are hoping it brings positive change.

Ms. said...

Very moving. But I still avoid face book and am sticking to it for now. These child soldiers are the shame of the world. This film maker's son has a wonderful Dad to emulate. I will point in the direction of the issue. Still, I must be honest and say that I am weary of the battle to save our world by individual action, and overwhelmed by group actions as well. Our own and the world wide Occupy WS actions, at least on the poetry circuit, are alive, and revolutionaries are active on the web. I am perhaps too old for the fight, but I continue to point, and have hope beyond reason, and reason that keeps me balanced on the melting icebergs, the disappearances of species, the divide-to-conquer self interested methodology that pervades our political landscape. So this was a good reminder of what activism can accomplish. Thank you for sharing it.

Nancy said...

Jacque- nice to see you here! It's nice to know that there are young people willing to look outside of themselves and get involved. Thanks for stopping by :)

Michelle- Well, we each choose to do what we feel we can. I chose to post this as an action step, small as it may be. Perhaps you Are weary as it seems like the changes are small at times.