Friday, December 16, 2011

Three Feathers & One Spoon

These are the last feathers that have been sent off to Jude for her Magic Feather Project.   In a way it makes me kind of sad.  I've had so much fun making them, executing some of the many ideas that have been flying through my head.  Now it seems as if I'm out of time.  
So, what do I do with the leftover ideas?  lol
The funny thing is that one of these little feathers is the first one I started, but I kept putting it aside.  Either I didn't feel the flow or it was prempted by some other idea or some other procrastination.  With the end of the year deadline coming up, I figured to give it another try and spoke to me in this little gathering of 3!
 If you are a super quick stitcher, and can get a feather into the mail fast...
join in by sending her a feather!
This is a favorite scrap of fabric I've had for 40+ years, so I saved back a tiny bit for me too.  I have always been charmed by these little birds.  There is something so happy about them.  The fabric came from a shirt my sister made herself, back in the day.  It had 'butterfly' sleeves and was cropped right up under the breasts, tying in the middle (if that makes sense).  Does anyone remember that 1970's style?  Haha.  I can't believe how much skin we used to show!  I loved that shirt and was so amazed by the fact that she could actually sew something not too embarrassing to wear!  lol   Unlike the gold peasant blouse I made as a 7th grade sewing class requirement!!!

The backing is an old square of blue flannel from my patchwork baby quilt making days.  At that time I made a variety of patterns and sizes of squares, all with ties in the corners or middle of a square.  I always used and/or backed my baby quilts in flannel for extra softness.  I don't know why I placed them together here as I did (on angles), 
but oh well.  
I do hope it is useful for Jude.
On the back, you can see my thread loops from trying to hurry to finish it up in time. I don't like when the back is messy.  I hope Jude backs this, so little fingers are safe!  :)
Jude thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a worthwhile project.  I've appreciated this for so many reasons.
 I look forward to watching what happens next!

While I've used free moments to stitch feathers, my guy has used his free time to create beautiful wood spoons.  This one was a birthday gift for our neighbor.  I wish you could feel the smoothness and the gentle way it fits right in your hand.  Lovely!
As the year winds down, I hope you enjoy a sense of calm and creativity.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Dear Nancy
as usual, a perfect, simple, elegantly crafted post and items. Just looking at them gave me asense of calm--of 'all is right with the world'.

Nancy said...

Awww...thanks Michelle! :)
Holding that little spoon is really calming! The smooth feel of the wood...
So nice.

deanna7trees said...

i thought i left a comment here about the wonderful feathers and the shirt but it must have been on SEW because i don't remember seeing that wonderful spoon. a hand made spoon. what a wonderful gift. do you know what kind of wood he used?

Nancy said...

Deanna- Yes it must have been at SEW, as I posted that a couple of days ago. Been draggin' my feet over here! Haha
Anyway, the wood was given to us as a bag of no longer smelling good, cedar blocks - as in the kind you put in the closet to keep your clothes moth-free and such. He glued 2 together to make this lil darlin'! So sweet!

woman with wings said...

Nancy, I LOVE your feathers on that fabric. Perfect. Funny how a deadline can make it all come together just like that, yes? The spoon, oh that wooden spoon is just the best. And handmade, a piece of art. I think I'd try to keep it if I were you. xo

Nancy said...

Thanks Peggy! Ya, sometimes I work better under pressure. Yes, the spoons are works of art. I have the first one he made :) That one was made for me!

kaiteM said...

Nancy my eyes can feel that spoon, my fingers don't need to. It's warm and smooth, a comfort. Your feathers are also made from the heart, calming and comforting.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i love saying the word and this
spoon and the word spoon are
the same
i guess i commented too, on SEW
about the feathers? i hope so...
it's been an odd week
but those little loving flowers,
they are Forget Me Nots????yes????

aracne said...

I am intrigued by pomegranates as well, they are in my blog's header,I like what you wrote about the seeds and their potential. This is how I see myself, too, there are so many paths to explore.
I like your blog, will come back.

Nancy said...

Hey Grace- Yea, you commented at SEW too! But it's always good to see you here :)

"aracne"- Thanks for stopping by. I went to see your pomegranates too! Stop by any time :)

Deb G said...

The end of the month has really come up fast for me. I need to remember to get my feathers in the mail too! Yours are very sweet as is the spoon. I an just imagine how soft it is...what a wonderful gift.

Anonymous said...

love your feathers & the fabric. yes, i remember that style. i would unbutton the bottom half in order to tie it up high (unless my mom was around!). i've got to get my last feather (which was finished a long time ago) in the mail... and the spoon- love spoons & yes, there's a sweet picture book named "spoon"

Nancy said...

Deb - I seem to be reminding folks to mail off their feathers! Haha

Cindy- Yes "Spoon" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. She has a fun blog and some fun videos. She is such an original thinker. I loved this adult book of hers:

She has written a ton of books, huh!!

Here's her Mission Amy KR site:

And her web site:

Anonymous said...