Saturday, December 3, 2011


Seems like nothin' stays the same...
even the same things change over time.
Especially with some type of intervention -
by man or nature.

This is the same rose bush at different times.
After pruning, the coloring shifts, the size of the blooms  differ and even the shape of the flowers changes.

These 3 photos show my neighbors rose bush.
It has become very ruffled after pruning.  The tips of the leaves have become variegated.
It has a very faint scent this season.  It used to be my favorite scent of all the roses.

This beautiful red rose barely had a scent at all in the past.  Now it is just heavenly.  Imagine the most condensed rose scent ever and you've got this one.  I wish you could smell it!

My roses don't know what season it is...they just keep blooming!
Today I really liked this!
Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011 


deanna7trees said...

oh they are all so beautiful and tasty, said the worm.

Nancy said...

Deanna - Haha...yes! That is one of the little guys from this past summer. I do love these roses :)

sally.wilson said...

Love your roses and the fact that you appreciate the fragrence. I have noticed the change in colors on my own rose bushes.

Nancy said...

Sally-Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I try to always "stop and smell the roses" as my guy joked the other day as we moved from flower to flower, sniffing and comparing!

Ingrid said...

Beautiful blooms!

Marie said...

Roses are my favorite and remind me of my late grandmother. She always had a yard full of heirloom roses blooming and she would usher us over to her latest blooming bush when we would arrive at her home. The smell was nothing like today's roses.

Yours are just beautiful.

Nancy said...

Ingrid- Thank you!

Marie- I have an old friend who had over 100 rose bushes at one time! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.