Monday, November 14, 2011

Information & Further Exploration

Information & Further Exploration...often provides Inspiration and Conversation!!!

This is one of those posts that includes many links to other inspiring places to visit.
I like to do that now and then.  I like to share!
I get a weekly update from two cloth related magazines from Interweave press.  I get the updates from Quilting Arts and Cloth, Paper, Scissors.  I took those magazines for years.
Here are a few recent links that made me think of my online community.  The first one is for anyone who likes to spin and read...maybe not at the same time though!  It seems the folks at Interweave have been working on a project that involves spinning projects based on the work of Jane Austen!  You can find it here: spinning and reading
This next one caught my eye because of the colorful photo and the words: periodic table of elements,   which my guy has been interested in.  Not me, I don't want to do anything formal with my dye pot play!  But, I must add that I love color wheels and this reminded me of them.  If you're interested in a scientific display of dyeing, then by all means...go check it out!  Isn't that a beautiful color-filled photo?!
Then I saw this one about the debate about using patterns and one on smooth stitching  Two subjects recently posted on blogs I read.  I myself don't like to use a pattern, not my way express myself & I am not good at it!!  However, my first work (as a kid) was 'printed cross-stitch' designs...just stitch over the X's!  The second article here made me think of arlee whose work is certainly not smooth and flat...and is so interesting and textured because of her creative Frankenstitch!!!

Made with a pattern?  I'll never know!  My great-aunt made this doggie doorstop!

Additionally recent conversations have been based on earning money and notoriety by putting your work out there.  These conversations have at times been deeply philosophical, personal and intense.  I personally like the idea of entering a piece after you've seen a post like this one.  It has the  perks of you being able to create a piece in a way that is true to you and if it happens to fit a guideline out there...well that's fun!  I have only once been inspired to create something as an entry piece.  It was a self-portrait 'contest' for Quilting Arts.  My piece was not selected, but was on their website for a while!  I thought that was fun.  There are a lot of suggestions for entries in this article.  Also if someone sees some of my work...and just cannot live without it...just ask!

My self-portrait...A sensory gal!  Made by writing a journal page...manipulating it 4 different ways, transferring it on fabric...spring eyes, shells for ears and a protruding nose symbolize what makes me me!  The back was made by scanning rough sand paper and printing that onto fabric.

To all of those that crochet and/or those making the Beekeepers quilt and of course don't we all love circles?   Now, this one may be a great project...the Circle Rug.  When I read the directions, I laughed at how it read like a foreign language to me!  But I do love the idea!  I liked how the middle hole disappears.  Cool.

I hope you've enjoyed this little link-share session and if you've seen something you'd like to share...leave a comment!
Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


deanna7trees said...

looks like we get the same newsletters in our mailbox. i must admit i don't have the time to read them all. loved seeing your self-portrait.

Nancy said...

Deanna- I cut back on the newsletters from daily to once a week. On Friday I get the weeks worth... then I only open the ones that spark my interest. So much less daily clutter in the inbox! It's helped a lot, unless lots look interesting! Haha