Monday, November 28, 2011


I've put away the photographs project.
For a while...perhaps a day...or a few days.
Maybe longer.  I need a break.

So, today I feel like this sunflower.

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011
I spent some moments with the old sunflowers today.
More about that later.


jenclair said...

Sometimes the end is as intriguing as the beginning. This has such a starkness to it--droop and drape, spike and fringe.

Els said...

Hi Nancy, I love your old and spent sunflower (though your mood might be not the brightest ...) The old sunflower is the and but also the beginning when you think of birds feeding on it ... and new sunflowers next year ! (please send me an e-mail ?)

deanna7trees said...

wish i could change your mood through cyberspace. pick up some stitching. that will cheer you for sure. i'm off to lace class. have a great day.

Nancy said...

Jenclair- Such descriptive words you've used! It's all about beginnings and endings isn't it?

Els- These sunflowers actually did not 'go to seed', they just wilted like this.

Deanna- And you take lace class too?! You are a wonder!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

these Sunflowers to me, for me, are
beyond beautiful. really, even
MORE beautiful in this form than when they are "living". i LOVED
to draw them. it takes you into an entirely different world....
Thanks for this...., the remembering..............

Nancy said...

Grace- I love how they are still holding on to a hint of color. I guess it takes a long time to fade! I have many more pictures of that little world in a window box! I'll try to post them soon.