Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Minute Drill #7

Fabric Out of the Dye Pots!
 I've taken all of the fabric out, washed it up...
Do you want to see?

With no formal record keeping, this is what I have learned:
  1. The powdered rust in the rusty horse waterer, with rusty items thrown in works nicely.
  2. The habotai silk takes color very well.
  3. My oblong acorns from the front yard, do not give off much color.
  4. The linen takes color well, but remains scratchy feeling, even when in the dye pot for a long time.  Pondering the texture of linen.
  5. The silk velvet is my favorite in both richness of color and feel.
  6. The round acorns dye much darker.

These are the fat round acorns found during a Sunday afternoon adventure apple picking.  I cooked them on the stove in the new little brass dye pot.

Day by day the walnut tree becomes more golden.
We've thrown some leaves in the walnut dye pot.
Today I learned how those leaves dye the front porch as well!!!

I've begun a weaving that will become a special envelope for a newly married couple.
Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


kaiteM said...

the dyed impressions on the front porch are my favourites!

deanna7trees said...

yes. the 'nubbyness' of the linen makes it a bit scratchy but i love linen and the little nubs. i'm working with linen thread on my bobbin lace collar and the texture of the thread makes it difficult to work with but gives a wonderful body to the piece.
congratulations on your win over at magic d.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

The clarity of you is so appreciated here--That what I learned section--perfect. And the porch impressions and tree shots--perfect--and the nw couple wrap--perfect vision--so, what did you win?

Anonymous said...

today i was out gathering walnuts & photoing the tree, too! that beautiful results, hoping to get to it tomorrow. the weaving looks beautiful.

Nancy said...

Kaite- Such a pleasant surprise once the gardeners cleared up piles and piles of leaves!

Deanna- I love your lace collar! I am super sensitive to the feel of fabrics :)

Michelle-'s so nice to feel appreciated! Go over to SEW and see the awesome heart cloth give-away from Jude...I Won!

Cindy- This tree is changing so quickly now, everyday!

woman with wings said...

Nancy, you've dyed a lot of cloth! So wonderful. And I love your weaving -- it will be a really cool gift. And you won something at SEW? I'm going over to see it right now -- congrats -- anything made by Jude is a treasure!

Nancy said...

Peggy- It looks like a lot, huh?! They're actually small pieces :)
I'm still waiting confirmation...I think it's me that won! You're right Jude's work is to be treasured!