Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ojai Day & Ojai Night

 This weekend was Ojai Day and Ojai Night.  An annual street fair celebrating the rich artistic, agricultural and cultural heritage of the Ojai Valley.
Beautiful weather, a wonderful location and great doesn't get any better than this!
Oh wait, it does get was free!

 While there were probably more people in attendance at the Ojai street fair, it did not feel anywhere as crowded as the Avocado Festival!  
Let me share some of the sites (both physical sites, captured with my camera and websites, I discovered while roaming about!)

Driving into town we see this thought provoking sculpture at The Amestoy House, which is a former cooking school, now facility for rent for retreats or... ?
 Once in town, there are courtyard sculptures:
In a courtyard between stores, "It's Been a Hard Day's Night"

Mosaic chair in the "Secret Reading Room" a quiet courtyard at the local library
"Woman- A Work in Progress" by Oatley Kidder

 (lignum vitae)
Sculpture at the local museum.
 There was so much to see!  Lots of much variety at this fair.
 These are the arts/artists that caught my eye:
Martha Moran and her cairns - rock sculptures of beauty and balance
 Dan Shattuck where I purchased one handmade gift,
 but I won't tell's a secret!
Julie Lovejoy's little houses filled with fairy stories.
 You can purchase them here.
Aya Papaya's feather earings and 'warrior headbands' reminded me of my online friends!
Then, there was the BoriDolls table filled with needle felted treasures!
One was more precious than the next!  I can safely say if my daughter was still in her girlhood days or I had a grandaughter...I'd have been in self-control trouble!  She's on FaceBook and be sure to follow the link to her shop.
 There were gourd artists, celebrating this traditional fall decoration in unique ways!
Can you find the magic gourd?!  Ha! There were many booths that  supported our natural environment...drought tolerant plants...bicycles, there were California Condors, owls hawks, and others... the Turtle Conservancy Behler Chelonian Center ...all on display for educational purposes.  There was information shared about the Chumash Indians as well as a variety of spiritual and wellness experiences.  Massage anyone?
Along with all of the shopping and learning one could do, there was music to listen to and food to gobble up!
Isn't this charming?

If that is not enough, there was a huge variety of activities for children, including tie-dyeing, getting tattoos (fake of course!!) and art experiences. 

There were slot cars and camel rides, a bucking bull machine, a skateboard park, and a ride that could only be described as a big hamster ball...with a child inside!!!! 


This went really slow while the little kids sat astride, waving one arm!

 The kids rolled and kicked and tried to stand up and run!  They fell and laughed hysterically!  The helper in the water gave 'em a push if they got stuck and helped guide them to their fellow helper outside of the pool when a turn had ended.  Up, up and over the edge...down the ramp and out you go little hamster-child!  Oh how I wished my grandson was with us to enjoy a rolling good time!
In my opinion, much better than those bounce-house things!
A skate park welcome!

Lots of rust!
Car show
Hay rides in the back of an old truck
Lion caught in a tree!

Goodbye Ojai...Thanks for a great afternoon!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


deanna7trees said...

oh my. so many wonderful things to see. i am in love with that mosaic chair and i definitely would have taken a camel ride. i love camels. i rode on a camel in the Israeli desert in the 60s.
and i love your new banner.

Nancy said...

Deanna- I know I've ridden on an elephant once at a zoo. Your ride sounds a bit more imaginative. These poor camels got to walk in circles :(
I have wanted to change the banner since day one! I like this one much better.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

How complete--as close as we might get to being there without the kinetic experience. Yum-yum for absolutely everything, including your new header. I want to be that hamster child someday, maybe in a dream.

Nancy said...

Michelle- complete, beginning, middle and's the teacher in me! Ha! I am practicing not only doing it this way...but it's hard!
I want to eat my new header :)