Sunday, October 9, 2011

Avocado Festival

Welcome to the Avocado Festival!
There were lots and lots of avocados!!!
There were so many people, we could barely walk!  Not my favorite kind of event.  Lots of vendors, lots of food booths, a few stages with live music, a big area with kids activities, a big tent with many displays, tractors and avocado themed dioramas made by local children!
Some of the food choices included avocado pie and ice cream!  
We did not taste either of those!
There was the guy with his wooden bike! 
Interesting flowers for sale
The overstimulating atmosphere of the festival was countered 
by the sights on the walk to the car.

There was no way to get the whole tree in a photo today!

This tree is amazing in it's hugeness!  Maybe on a less crowded day I could get a better picture, but today there were too many cars and people.  The ground below the tree is covered in the most wonderful, long pine needles and long slender ?  I don't know what these are!!  You can read more about the tree here.

A way cool tree eye!
Old house in town

The beautiful Pacific Ocean in the afternoon sun
I went to check on the window-box when I got home and what did I find?  Well, I did not find the little bug, but instead I found this guy sitting on the little bug's sunflower!  
Where is the little bug?

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Oh it does look grand--and I know what you mean about too many people (not that we don't love people) and the way an overcrowded atmosphere can be challenging to the solitary soul (to close for comfort). But the photographs of the tree, the flowers and especially the gorgeous ocean are just fine. That 'little' bug of your sunflower world has become a character in his/her own story-"Where's Buggie?"

Nancy said...

Michelle- I realized after I closed down the computer that I forgot to include the beautiful butterfly, so I just popped it in! I am usually awful a capturing butterflies, but I liked this one :)
Little bug is still gone and new bug is there. We found an exoskeleton nearby and are wondering if new bug IS little bug??? But that fast, overnight? Mmmm...

Morna said...

Love these photos - especially the tree eye and the old house. I love avocados, too - but would not enjoy the crowds, either! xo

Nancy said...

Morna- Thank you. I love to photograph old buildings :) I think that is the best tree-eye I've ever seen!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Ingrid said...

The 'interesting flowers', are Australian Native Proteas and if kept out of water in a vase will last a long time fading and drying. Even after losing their colour they keep their shape and still look lovely. What a fabulous post, so much to look at and admire-nature in all its glory and I love that old house.

Nancy said...

Ingrid- YES! I remembered a sign by the flowers, but couldn't quite recall the name! Thank you for the information and the kind words.

deanna7trees said...

that tree with the eye is great. oh dear. there's no telling what happened to mr. bug. great post. love all the images but I avoid crowds.

Nancy said...

Deanna- I know that tree-eye, huh! Just can't get enough of it! New bug is the keeper of the castle now and getting bigger!
I don't like crowds so I try to stay in my on little world within the masses! :)