Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things Found

Late dusk...almost dark, dark
Step out and look down
bend down further, looking...looking
Test it with the toe of my shoe with a gentle kick
and hear the jingly sound of metal on asphalt
Pick it up and see the you see it too?
See a possible beast hiding in the twists and turns
A few steps, maybe more
A little blue square stares up from the side-of-the-road dirt
"Ah yes" I think as I have a history with tiny blue squares
And then I think of Was* and his blue square of a nose
Next into view comes a small hook 
which reminds me of sardine cans and my Daddy      
As a part of where I'm from
And last a rusty nut, almost left on the roadside, but one never knows 
when they will need a rusty nut

Do you see the heart in the wire on the you see the shadow heart behind the nut?
Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011

Home again, I place my treasures on my drawing pad and look them over.
Maybe I could trace them as part of a pattern to stitch or use their splendid shapes to dye fabric.  Or maybe I'll toss them in the old glass cookie jar, filled with other rusty things, to be considered another time.
But for tonight, I am noticing shape and symbol and remembering days gone by.

*Was is the expressive cat of Jude
You can see him and his little blue nose here


deanna7trees said...

found objects are wonderful. i need to look down more.

woman with wings said...

Nancy, great treasures --you've definitely got a heart theme going here!

Nancy said...

Deanna & Peggy- I've got a love of collecting found objects. One of my funniest finds: in the middle of an urban paved street, I found a rusted, bent cowbell! Now how'd that get there!!!

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

lost and found again, sometimes in the street, in the forest or park, or in my own closet...treasures become treasures only when they find their place. I just love the attention to shadow in your perception of a heart, and I might have an answer to the "where did that cow-bell come from" - Remember the Cow Project (artists both amateur and professional were given a life size blank plaster cow to decorate), and the cow parade as the finale? Maybe one of them lost a bell.

Nancy said...

I like your idea that a treasure is recognized when its found its place...yes.
Ah the cow bell, that made me laugh...I think I Have seen some of them wandering through here! lol