Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunshine Movie and More


I've been a lot of places lately, mentally that is.  Feeling so busy and scattered and focused (or not) and concerned.  Sometimes when that happens, I go back to a place of comfort.  So I watched a bit of this movie while eating dinner last night.  It is my movie.  It is 15 year old me.  But it is a part of me that stays real and true.  It fits in with some of what the sewing circle has been talking about.
Things that change...shift...morph or deepen.  All to come full circle, right back to who you always were (or a part of you).  Why is that?  I think part of it is, because, well at your are who you are baby!  Yes we all grow, change and evolve.  And it is good to reflect and consider elements of yourself from time to time.  It is good to be a person of continuing education (in whatever form that takes).  But some days, some needs to wallow in self-ness.  That's important too.

As far as MD goes...I had an idea.  It felt like a big idea.  I had been sewing on my heart sampler and it has been feeling important.  It's had something to say to me.  I wanted to keep it near me for a long while.  Then suddenly, in a burst, I thought what could wear your important blanket.  Not such a far-fetched idea (think big-seller Snuggle blanket - the blanket with sleeves).  But I was thinking, not like a skirt or jacket or even a cape (a-la Grace).  I thought what was a quilt and then it wasn't.  And so, I thought of the blanket/poncho.
With a neck hole that could be 'covered' with the heart sampler.  Button on...Button off.  I thought that I could place buttons strategically so if I was wearing it and I so desired, I could add the heart sampler back on.

 I rotated this, but Blogger wants it sideways!   
I think it is kind of funny that I have to post this sideways...because when it is to be worn - it will face one way, to create a "V" neck hole... it can face another way when buttoned up.  I hope that makes sense.  I have thought of uneven edges, haven't planned for arm holes.  Frankly, I have an idea...but other than that...not so much!
 I have seen folks with their posts and/or design walls -  starting in the center or with a collage foundation.  I like both approaches very much, but I just keep thinking how I may want to keep this with me in a different way.

I am having trouble with a few things about this cloth.  There are things I am problem-solving.
  1. In some moments it feels too contrived.  I want it to evolve and be organic.  I have enjoyed watching Jude's & Grace's process. I love the collage of Nat's browns. But I had asked myself, "What is the purpose of this cloth?"  The answer fits this poncho idea perfectly.  So, then is it contrived?  Am I trying too hard?  Or am I setting it up so it can then evolve - in which case it is just part of the prep process.  Right?  It is just a cloth that has a hole in the middle, no big deal right?
  2. I have been planning on having the hearts be a finished block, so when it is buttoned on, covering the hole it has a 'back' as does the rest of the cloth.  Right now the heart sampler is about 12X11+.  I have no idea how big a poncho neck hole should be to make it functional.  Suggestions?  I plan on adding on some dyed neutral blocks (maybe 1X1 or 2X2) around the main sampler to make it bigger.
I have some other thoughts going on too, as far as other fabrics to use.  I found these darling lambs in some old stuff.  They may wander aboard this cloth someday, or not!  I may tea dye it.  Or not.
Old child's pillowcase...lovely!

I adore the edges on the little pillowcase.  The blue and white gingham is from my daughter's Dorothy costume and the other little blue print is from my wedding dress!  Hey, it was 1979 what can I say!  I may use some of these...(say it all together now!)...or not!  I do want to wiggle some blue in somewhere.  I've always been a blue jeans kinda gal!  If it works to use actual blue jean fabric, well I've got that too!  I also found this old sugar bag fabric.
Very old sugar bag

The choices are many.  It seems I am not so great at deciding between all of my ideas.  I am glad it is considered slow cloth!  This gives me time to let things gel awhile.  I just keep adding the intended stitches to the heart sampler and ponder on what may come next.
It's a good thing I am not in a hurry.   I don't have a deadline.  Plus,  I have many other things to attend to right now.  So this is good.  Yep.  Just breathe...

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


ACey said...

Okay I can see I'll be spending some time at You Tube since this movie is new to me and I got pulled right in. Love seeing your MD elements displayed so lovingly. You're very good at "letting us in" with your images as well as your words. Love that about visiting here - as well as the blog's name, of course.

deanna7trees said...

loved the movie and love seeing your plan for your magic cloth. i don't ever really have a purpose for making what i make. i make things just for the sheer enjoyment of the process. the purpose usually comes after it's finished. i liked jude's idea of just working on a section at a time and then just adding to it. that's working for me so far. looking forward to seeing more of your project.

Anonymous said...

funny to see this movie- today i was looking through photo albums of the 60-70's...also seeing/remembering who i was/am & yep, still me, in spite of the me who really didn't want to be for so long.

poncho- that takes me back too. though i see that they're very popular again. you do have lots going on about all of this- it's great watching people work through this process.

Nancy said...

Acey- Thank you for the kind words and for Continuing to visit here. I love that if you're patient, you can watch a whole movie on You Tube for free!

Deanna- In the past cloths were made as 'baby quilt' 'wall hanging' etc. I planned on being really productive for MD. I am not sure if I am or not (either way is OK). when writing a post I often feel as if words get left out, and meaning can be confused. When I thought of 'purpose' for this one, it was in the 'what am I doing here anyway' kind of way. I use the word purpose to help explain how I wanted to use this cloth. But since I feel confusion myself, it becomes hard to explain. Just like the use of the word 'poncho'...not like my Goal was to make a poncho...but that word explains my idea of the cloth with a hole in the middle in a way most are familiar with. I had to laugh at the fact that I posted the Sunshine movie and the whole poncho idea this is some retro thing for me!!! Ha! And I agree, once certain aspects are in place I can work on a piece at a time, meandering fashion!
Cindy- Yep my son and I had a discussion on the if you have one...and the nature of one's 'core'. I think watching the process of everyone is one of my favorite parts!