Friday, July 15, 2011

Sounds of Nature

 Two interesting things came my way today.  One reminded me right away of Grace and her recent rain experience.  I wonder if it would be possible to listen to THIS rain while reading her poetic post!!!

Then I came upon this post of bird calls and thought of Jude's recent post on the woodpecker.  So I scanned the bird calls sight and sure enough, there was the same woodpecker (2 varieties, not sure which one Jude found).  In contrast the the rain experience, it may be kind of odd to listen to a bird call while looking a photos of a dead bird.  Creepy.
Just so you don't miss it... I listened online, I didn't download anything!!  :)

Anyway, just thought i would share these.  Let me know how you enjoy them!


jude said...

oh this was great! thank you!

Nancy said...

Yeah, I thought they were fun!

woman with wings said...

Nancy -- here's how I put youtube on my blog. Go to youtube and beneath your video click on SHARE, then click on SHARE MORE, then click on BLOGGER. It'll give you the option to save as a draft or post directly. I always save as a draft. Let me know if it works! -- Peggy

Nancy said...

I will try this! Thanks!

ACey said...

hey great bird link site! It's driving my cat a little nuts, maybe I should grab my headphones.

Nancy said...

lol :)