Monday, July 11, 2011

Just stopping in - Be Back Later

I'm stopping in for just a photos...
Just two things to say, which I may expand on later.
  1. While waiting for blood work today, another patient was checking in.  At first he seemed annoyed that they could not take him right away.  He was unsteady on his feet and had an odd expression on his face. he turned around from the check-in counter...and was now facing the room, he threw his arms wide and in a loud deep voice sang a rousing chorus from the old favorite "This Land is Your Land".  His voice was BIG and I was so startled.  Being the thinker that I am, I tried to figure out the cause for his spontaneous song.  My guy read his book for one split second and then joined right in!  I wished I had sung.  By the time I felt ready...he finished and walked out.  This happens to me a lot.  This experience happens to fit in with the book I was reading late last night! Coincidence! 
  2. Yesterday's post on MD really got my wheels going.  I have a Big idea that has come to me on the Purpose of my cloth.  Now that I slept on it last night,  I am trying to see if it is plausible...brainstorming...problem considering and solving...and so on.  I am trying to not have it grow big and elaborate, which I tend to do.  So, I have told myself to just look at the main idea...the tricky part and if it still feels good after that, then continue on.  I do love this part of the process.  
 I will share as things form more firmly in my head.

Happy stitching!


deanna7trees said...

loved no. 1 and can't wait to hear about no. 2. i, too, am mulling it all over in my head.

Tammy said...

I loved reading about the man who burst out singing .. I loved that!!!I think that would have affected my whole day... thanks for sharing it.!!! and like Deanna I can't wait to see what your brainstorming results in. :) thanks for following my blog!!!

handstories said...

wondering about the BIG idea...and love the singing story, what book?

Nancy said...

Deanna, Tammy & Cindy -
Yes the singing has stayed with me for quite a while! :)
The book is: "Life is a Verb..." by Patti Digh

Here is the link:

It's been a good bedtime read because it is set up in short little chapters with activities at the end and quotes mingled throughout. Gives me something to think about, but does not get the creative mind too over-excited! Ha! This time around I am only reading, not following the prompts. Sometimes I like to do it that way (read through - then go back to DO suggested activities). She has a blog also:

I haven't visited there in a really long time...I've been so busy in the spirit world!!! But I have enjoyed it very much in the past.

Woke up problem solving the 'big idea'...hope to work on it later, but I am a bit held up by fabric dyeing in the sunshine! :)