Saturday, July 30, 2011

His Hands

He came for a visit.
We talked about making a 'pocket cloth'.
He showed interest right away.
He squished up different sizes to see how small it should be 
to fit in his pocket.
In my studio, he's offered fabrics to choose from.
Interest begins to fade.
This was like pulling teeth!  And believe me, even his loose tooth didn't 
come out - it was tough!!!  
After looking at bags and bags of fabric, he chose 3!  
No More.  Just 3.
I explain the "Magic Stitch"  ... "Invisible Baste" ..."Glue Stitch"
His big eyes expand in huge circles of wonder and amazement!

We doodle his design (his is the large square, mine is the small square).
It's tricky to figure out how to make it using the three fabrics he chose 
and the triangle shape he wants.
I explain about the 4th space on the white fabric.
He comes up with a solution to cut away the last triangle 
of white backing fabric, stating that it looks like a cat, like ears.  
Yep, I see that!

He draws a dotted line to symbolize where we will cut.
He makes symbols for the arrowhead and leaf fabric.
And puts a "f" for the feather fabric.
"I can't draw feathers", he says.
As we problem solve how to cut the triangles to have them fit on the white square,
he comes up with a new quote (see top of page in photo above).
I quite agree!
He claims that if we stack the fabric together 
we can cut all three triangles at once.
Right again.
He does this plan, freehand, eyeballing the size.
He tries them out on the white square and two fit fine, one does not.
I explain that the feather fabric needs to be reversed to help it fit 
and we do that.
It works.
So we cut a new triangle from the feather fabric and it fits fine.

Now it's time to learn the Magic Stitch.
I show him how to do the Invisible Baste stitch.
He takes to it like a fish to water!
He loves that it cannot be seen on the front!  Now that's exciting!
His hands are cautious and gentle, but sure.
He works with a certain strong focus.
Can you see his long stitches on the back?
He's really good at this!  He attaches the feather fabric and is ready for a break.
Because, after all he'd really rather play grandpa's guitar...or most of all play his DSI game.
He is 8 years old.  He is my grandson!
He likes trying out the pick and the glass slide!
"Can I play my DSI?"
Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


deanna7trees said...

i was holding my wonderful that he was really problem solving and interested in stitching. do we get to see how it turned out?

Nancy said...

Deanna- Yes...of course I will post it again. I am hoping he will stay interested enough to be able to handle it without pins! Does that equal "finished"? lol
I love watching kids problem solve. It's one of my favorite things as a teacher. For instance, I would not have thought to just cut off the unwanted white triangle! Of course, on the other hand, I guess it could just stay white! Haha we didn't think of that!

jude said...

oh this was a wonderful post

Nancy said...

Thanks Jude! He's a wonderful guy (((smile)))

Kim said...

Love this, Nance. What a great kid.

Nancy said...

Kim- Yep, agreed!

MulticoloredPieces said...

It's very interesting how you wrote this up, just perfect. I stopped by to enjoy your blog while hugging the AC here in Tunisia. Thanks for sharing.
best, nadia

Anonymous said...

kids and handwork- one of the best things!

Nancy said...

Nadia- Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! He finished the invisible stitch on triangle #2 today!

Cindy-'s pretty cool. There is a fine line between exposing/teaching/encouraging AND insisting/forcing!!! Yesterday when I asked/suggested that it would be a good time to stitch on it, he said "Are you asking or forcing?"! :)

Tammy said...

How nice that you are teaching your grandson this!! I loved reading about it and can't wait to see this! Kids say the cutest and sometimes most profound things don't they!.:)

Nancy said...

Tammy- It's been fun sharing this with him. He makes the most amazing comments on a regular basis! :)

Tammy said...

I popped back over here just now and was looking again at the drawing of the pocket with the triangles and his symbols for which fabric go where .. and I was struck by how wonderful those marks are. They could make a great embellishment for any cloth ....even his leaf looks as good as judes feathers. I just wanted to comment on the fact that his drawing is good!!! Just sayin....

Nancy said...

Thanks for comin' back Tammy! Yes I was surprised at how quickly and confidently he drew these. They certainly could be used...maybe traced, so they'd be 'his' marks...
I shared your compliment with him :)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this post is just the very very best!
and i love that he moved from
interest to interest freely

this means that he will return to the stitching when he chooses to.

THANK YOU so much for posting this!

Nancy said...

You're so welcome Grace! I'm very glad you stopped by! I do hope his interest in stitching grows over time.
I have since taught him 'how' to draw a feather a-la Jude's lesson and he quite surprised himself that he could do it! I began the lesson by showing him that his leaf looks very much like a feather! That gave him the confidence to go forth and draw! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you are getting to share this special time with your grandson! And creating wonderful memories for him of you. You missed your calling as a professional storyteller!

Nancy said...

Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog! Yes, I do love a good story!!