Sunday, July 3, 2011

Growth Through Cleaning

AKA: A Bright New Day

One Ready...Many Ready To Go!

Isn't my neighbor's Hollyhock a beauty?!  I especially love the light-dark pattern!
Well, I have finally forced myself to get cleaning in my studio.  
It is a huge job as you may guess from my Where I've Been post.  
I purposely used that photo, the murky mess you see, because that is how it has felt in there for a long time.  And while it's great fun to see all of my fabric friends hanging beautiful eco-dyed masterpieces on the clothesline under the shining's not such a great idea to show off utter chaos, in any kind of light!  I might add that I know how fun it is to super-duper enlarge everything to really get a good look with bad eyes! Yikes!
Of course in cleaning up, cleaning must Look at all of the Belongings and make Decisions.  OK folks...sing it with me now...that old Favorite by The Clash...add a 't' and hit it...Should it stay or should it go now??
So, it turns out I have a lot of notes, ideas, websites, book titles and quotes to investigate online and/or add to my typed archives before I pitch the papers.  It's all about the process, right?!  The funny thing is stuff I'm unearthing from over one year ago, also pertains to right now.  
But, I am determined.  I will get this job done!  I will put into practice the art of positive thinking so I will soon have space to practice other kinds of art!

I have discovered some very interesting websites.  I'll try to share them soon.  This one I will share now because of the fun coincidence of finding it now...because it begins with you entering specific locations on a Map.  Yes I am so attracted to maps!  Ha!

More 'pattern' in my neighbor's Sunflower

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


cindy said...

good luck! i'm terrible at this sort of thing.

Nancy said...

Ha Ha
Evidently I'm not so great at it either! I'm back at the computer, archiving again! lol
Slowly but surely though I am making progress!

Nancy said...

OH and Cindy...
right before I read your message I found an old pad of paper with these phrases:
Dawn of Yellow Dog
Concrete Dreams of Grass
Purple fish laughing

WHAT??? What the heck was that about??? Old haiku bits and pieces???
Now I am really laughing! At least I am entertaining myself! Ha!

Mo'a said...

Oh my!!! I know just what you are going through. I am still working on my studio.
I threw out bags and bags of "What?" "What was I thinking?" and "What is this?"

cindy said...

well, atleast you're finding entertainment in the process! someday i'll have to tell my awful stories about trying to organize...

Nancy said...

Mo'a - Yes I am finding a lot of those and a lot of "Welp, I won't be needing this/these anymore!" lol and still working...

Cindy - I don't know about organized...just looking for daylight!!! Haha!