Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Day

AKA: Stuff On The Couch!

Yesterday I finished another little weaving.  A medicine bag like I used to make years ago.  Thought it was going to be for me, but it told me different.
Today I'm almost done with another one!  I was weaving this one as a gift.  We'll see what it tells me when it comes off the loom.
This is what it looks like at my place...fibers and a fan remote.  
It's finally cooling off, which inspires me to move around and DO stuff!  
But, alas it's 11:00 PM!   
 Maybe this is why I end up staying up so late!  Ha!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011

I weave in Harmony.
With the Earth I weave.
The strings are like rain,
The rain touches my fingers.
There is beauty in my rug.
There is beauty all around me.
The plants speak to me,
Mother Earth colors my rug.
I weave in harmony.
-Songs From The Loom
Monty Roessel 

From a favorite children's book: Abuela's Weave

“Tapestries Abuela made could pull
the wonder right out of people”
-Enrique Sanchez


Anonymous said...

Hi! Hollyhocks are a family favorite of ours. My grandma grew many in her northern New Mexico mountain home.
Before retiring I read Abuela's Weave often in my 1st grade class. When you get a chance stop by my blog, then to my etsy store: crismadeit. there you will find one of two children's books I wrote about my grandpa who was a master weaver of Chimayó blankets. I also love your photos of the children weaving!!!

Nancy said...

Hi Cristina...thanks for stopping by! I have been a fan of the Hollyhock for many years. There are so many amazing children's books out there, aren't there?! My friend and I presented at a conference once..."Fibers in the Classroom"...about quilting. weaving and more with preschool aged children. She presented the quilting part and I presented the weaving part. It was great fun!
I would be so honored to be a children's book author! My mom worked in a children's book store for the 20 years of my children's youth. Perfection!
Are you anywhere near Grace? My daughter is in Albuquerque.
Bye-bye for to your blog...