Wednesday, June 8, 2011


There are times of wondering and times of knowing.  Here I sit wondering.  In reading Grace's post recently, I started thinking, again, about hard times in our lives.  I have been reading Not Becoming My Mother: and Other Things She Taught Me Along the Way by Ruth Reichl.  You can find it here.  And while my mother was nothing like hers,  I have known mothers that were.  Some of what she writes relates to everyone's mother and the words stop me cold.  I feel safe saying that everyone has hard times now and then.  So, I am left thinking about my mom again, and I wonder when does the missing get easier?  I ask my sister this, knowing there is not an answer that would satisfy the void I carry with me each day. I wonder which are the stories to tell and which are the ones to keep safely tucked away.  Sometimes the wondering is so powerful and unanswerable that I run to a thing of comfort.  I take photos, read for distraction, stitch, or talk with comfortable friends.  Recently, in a time of spinning around questions I took these photos.
I am leaving them bigger than I usually do.  Let me know if that works for you, as a reader.  And as usual click on image to enlarge.
Passion Fruit flower...looks like a helicopter!

Lavender at my place

I am not sure what this is...but, oh so fuzzy!

Beauty is a great escape.  
So is fiddling around and experimenting with art.
Here is today's little story:
So, I took these photos today of an interesting flower I had never seen before.  I brought home a piece and a pod too.  Then I lay it down between a shred of white silk (brought home from a felting workshop - never felted!), previously dyed with something I no longer remember, but currently resembling my mothers old nylons!  Then I smashed it with a hammer!!!  The result was not pleasing to the eye, just sort of blah.  I didn't even enjoy the process all that much as I felt like a murderer of that poor flower!  Maybe this is an activity to do when angry!  LOL  Maybe I need to read up on this!  Is there a special technique to flower smashing?   I threw it in the yellow rose dye pot that was sitting next to me.  Take that you experiment, you!  Anyway, next I smashed a couple of pansies.  The result was a little better.  There was a little pansy shape, that I will show you if I ever get those photos to upload!  I hung it on the rock rose and then my guy came out and did the watering.  He did ask me if I cared if he watered it.  Nah.  Just fooling around and it didn't look fantastic anyway.  So now it hangs there, clinging to the rock rose, lightly dyed - mostly sheer, naked in the night.  Oh well, easy come, easy go.  Ha!

Odd new flower & pods

Look at all of those pods!  I haven't opened mine yet.  If you know what this is, let me know!

 This is a bouquet I can recognize!
Now I think I will post this 'as is' because the last few photos are not behaving and I am tired of trying.  This is a good lesson for me as I am hoping to relax and fall into a unique rhythm & style in this blogging world.  But for tonight I just want to post pretty flowers!  (((SMILE)))

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


Kim said...

I like the photos!

And I'm glad you're reading the book - did my mom lend it to you? I love all things Ruth Reichl.

Nancy said...

Yeah she did Kim...thanks for passing it along. I had never read her work before. I really liked it and I have a list of folks to pass it to!
I have a zillion nature photos...I love to take 'em!

Cheryl Razmus said...

Flower pounding takes a bit of practice and technique, like cutting and opening the flower so that it lies face down flat and retains an attractive shape. Also, it should be taped to the cloth with masking tape and pounded from the fabric side (not the tape and flower side.) I'm still not convinced it's worth the effort--not quite my style anymore.

Nancy said...

Thanks Cheryl...good tips I am sure! I often "go off half-cocked" as the saying goes! I usually like the serendipitous quality of making art and don't bother with studying & following directions! I am thinking about changing that!