Saturday, June 25, 2011

Between Two Worlds

Sometimes we can feel like we are between two worlds.  Today is like that for me.  Within my work world and my personal world things are shifting.
Some shifts are bigger and scarier...
and some shifts are so subtle that they can easily go unnoticed.
Sometimes you have to look real hard to learn those lessons.
In the perfect timing that is the coincidence of life, today two children's books came to me.  Two books I'd never heard of.  Yet, two books (among many others) that connect stitches and art with young children.
Two worlds coming together.
The first book: Pocket Full of Posies: A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes by Salley Mavor.  The intricate fiber and trinket 'illustrations' capture the child in me.  The little people in their acorn 'hats' grab me, pull me in and hold me there.  This is just the kind of imagination and earth whimsy I adore.  This symbol is on my little hearts sampler in the way of acorn fabric and I have been contemplating finding a way to incorporate the acorn into my work, as it has been of large importance to me since I was a child.  Now, the imagination of acorns keep me connected to the child within!  :)
PS This book reminded me of both "In The Heart" by Ann Turner, illustrated by Salley Mavor and "The Fabrics of Fairytale - Stories Spun From Far and Wide" by Tanya Robyn Batt.

The second book: Good Fortune in a Wrapping Cloth by Joan Schoettler and illustrated by Jessica Lanan.  Beautifully illustrated, this story speaks of a mother and daughter connection and introduced me to 'wrapping cloths'.   I am intrigued with the subject (direct or indirect) of relationships, the artwork and the custom of wrapping cloths.  It reminded me of the recent conversations connected to The Magic Diaries...cloaks, capes, nests and snugly covers to protect, comfort, celebrate and become companions on our life's journey.
Now I have to be honest, I have not yet read either book but I have read all of the information, reviews etc. at the original sources and at Amazon.  The first book came to me on FaceBook from Reading Rockets.  They are a great source for literacy links for those with little ones in their lives.  The second one came to me via the folks over at Shen's Books.  Their catalog/website is a treasure trove of multicultural books for young children.  I am always so inspired by and interested in children's books for the lovely qualities they share, even if I am the littlest kid around!
*NOTE: I did not link Amazon because I wanted to make sure I wasn't linking my account!  Yikes!  But I trust you can find that well known source.  Also, all this linking makes a quick blog post a far more time consuming task!  Oh well, it's worth it - being able to share with friends!

Photos by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

Salley Mavor has a blog also, with many pictures of her fantastic needlework. I love the acorn heart.

Nancy said...

Thanks Vicky, I will have to check that out!