Monday, May 2, 2011

When Things Line Up

Photo by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011

Don't you love it when things fall into place all by themselves?  Don’t you love to celebrate the serendipitous quality of life?! While looking through fabrics for Jude Hill's Whispering Hearts class in April, I found an old pillowcase from well over 20 years ago.  The case itself is even older as it had once belonged to a great aunt.  It is bright yellowing white, softer than it has a right to be and it holds a familiar scent that has remained unchanged all of these years.  I embroidered the moon and stars when my daughter was very young and she slept with this soft comfort for many, many years of her childhood.  Since I was focused on hearts, I spent a moment remembering and then tucked the pillowcase away again.  I began to see hearts everywhere.
On bread tags

On the back of cars

Extra threads from my mother's sewing box

A co-workers hand

Now, May has brought me once again to a class with Jude: Whispering Sun Moon and Stars.  And I think once again of that old soft cotton case, embracing its sudden reappearance.  I just may use it in the very near future!


deanna7trees said...

hi Nancy. just saw that Jude posted for you on SEW. love your heart piece. welcome to the blogging world.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the welcome! And for the record, the heart piece in that post on SEW is Jude's! I've yet to post anything that beautiful...or already sewn! :)

Notjustnat said...

Hi Nancy, I'm one of your clothmate from Jude's classes. Welcome to Blogland. I'm sure you will love it - Hugs Nat

Nancy said...

Thanks Nat!

Anonymous said...

cristina here, as another clothmate.
so far, lining up shoulder to shoulder,
getting ready to jump in and ... play!
love, love, love your pillow cases from
back when! Sweet.

jude said...

i love that you have started a blog! and the pillowcase story is a wonderful way to begin....

Storycloth said...

Hi Nancy - I took jude's beasts class and now am tkaing the stars class. Welcome to blogland - I began after beasts and really enjoy it. Yes, it is really good when things line up. Gilly

Suzanna said...

Nice blog, Nancy! Welcome!