Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Stories

Moon on a Wire
Our Stories                                              
The human experience
Wrapped like blankets
       around our hearts
         -sometimes out of control
Gradually connecting
A centrifugal force
A springboard to
              deeper relationships
Sometimes ragged
Sometimes unfinished
A portal to the past 
   or to healing
      or to humor.
A portal to friendship.
Woven together
Marking the passing of time
A perfect circle
Full circle
And the story goes on
Nancy A. Erisman
June 2004

Photo by NAE @pomegranatetrail ©2011


jude said...

it looks like a bead on a thread.

Nancy said...

A pearl!

nandas said...

oh my... thank you for bringing this poem forward today... its particularly meaningful to me at this moment in time. you certainly have a gift with words.

nandas said...

oh... i bet you don't know who nandas is! ... its me nance from sun moon stars!

Nancy said...

Hi Nance...and thank you for your comment! I wrote this for a dear friend of mine years ago and have found it to be meaningful...well, across the board! I actually wrote it right on a wall hanging I made for her. A brave thing since the quilt was Completely Done when I wrote on it! Ha! Maybe I will post those photos someday...

cindy said...

hello! i read this right after having my own little think about stories. lots of great thoughts here, off to click on some of those links...

Nancy said...

Glad to be able to share Cindy!